Times change

When I was in third grade, I started walking to school. My mom went back to work and taught at a Catholic school where my sister went to preschool. The walk was about half a mile, just a few blocks through my neighborhood. The only “scary” thing about the walk was the afghan hound that sat in someone’s front yard: stock still and staring at me as I passed. I had an irrational dog fear back then and I was terrified of that creature. In the afternoons, I opened the side door into the garage, went inside, had a snack and did homework. Once a parent got home, I was then allowed to go play outside.

I’ve written about this before but it keeps becoming relevant. Now look, this is me heading off any issues in my brain, though nothing has happened. BUT, some new people moved in across the street and I am wary of them. My oldest told me today that the woman told him not to walk so close to the street when he was going home. He was across the street from them, in our neighbor’s grass. And she told him this. Then this morning, she told my kids to stop arguing with each other. Again, this is from across the street – a fairly busy street actually. So you can see why I might be worried that she could be a meddler who would say something about the way I allow my kids to go to the bus alone and come home alone for about an hour. But that’s MY choice. It’s MY family and rules.

I fear that the world we live in is becoming a little too strict. I respect peoples’ personal space and I expect the same. America might be the last place of true personal freedom but I see it being taken away little by little. For all you who think Socialism is a good idea, say goodbye to being able to do what you want. We want censorship, removal of guns, internet policing. Hell, now we have to take these courses at work about ‘harassment’. not just sexual, which I am on-board for. Don’t sexually harass co-workers. But when you broaden it, that could mean anything. For example, my husband once wrote in an email something to the effect of “we don’t have enough manpower to make that happen” and some woman wrote back to say it’s “person power.” Are you kidding me? It’s just a phrase and you know damn well what he means. THAT, however, is what will take away the last shred of individuality we have, because everyone will call you out on every ticky-tack thing and we aren’t even allowed to think anymore.

Anyway, I know this post went off the deep end but I needed to vent. I’m THRILLED that it is Friday and as it turns out, we actually have ZERO plans this weekend so yay! I want to just sit and BE.

2 thoughts on “Times change

  1. I so hear ya, meddling neighbours are so annoying.
    Only this year my daughter has started allowing my grandson to walk home from school and stay on his own till she gets home. She doesn’t want the neighbours to know he is home alone because it is no one’s business

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