Random Tuesday – last gasp of cold, party plans, self-improvement

Stacy Uncorked


  • I’m getting nervous now: my husband has been planning a huge 40th birthday party for me for weeks now and it all comes together this Saturday. I think we are mostly ready but I have a laundry list of smaller tasks to accomplish before then that includes but is not limited to: hardcore house cleaning, hanging some family photos, painting a small fence in the yard, and pressure washing the deck.
  • I am sure it will be fun but at the same time, I get anxious about big events and especially when it’s for me. I am not a very ‘in the spotlight’ kind of person, you know?
  • Yet another of my favorite bands, Ghost, announced a North America tour but are not coming near me. I have high hopes that they’ll add some dates for the Southeast region though. If my insider sources are to be believed, it will mirror a tour from 2016 and they indeed did come to three cities in Florida.
  • This cold gray weather is making me feel so damned unmotivated. Although, I did meal prep last night: marinaded some chicken tenderloins and grilled them on George. Got a steam-in-bag veggie medley and only added a little butter. I am trying to be much healthier and really control portions. Of course that means I am starving all the time. I am considering making those gross spinach shakes in the am. I just watched an Instagram video of Chris Hemsworth making and drinking one and I thought, if he can do it I can do it. Though that’s really not an analogy since he gets paid A LOT of money to look good.
  • I am looking forward to pressure washing the deck, as crazy as that sounds. A lot of leaves fall and even though we blow them off regularly, they still create funky moldy junk underneath. I love tasks like that – ones where you’re erasing dirt (or grass, like mowing.) They are so satisfying.
  • Since I am 40 now, I had to get my first mammogram. It really was not as  bad as anticipated and took no time at all. Gotta be healthy!

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