Wednesday Medley – All about those movies (let’s do music next, eh?)

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1.  Let’s talk about film scores/songs.  What is the first one that you thought about when you saw today’s subject?

The very first thing that popped into my head was Rudy. It’s such a good story about persevering and the music is very uplifting.

2.  Do you remember the first movie you ever saw on the “big screen”?  Would you tell us about it?

I know for certain my parents took me to see Return of the Jedi but I definitely don’t remember it. (I was four.) The one I do remember is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The whole family went and my sister fell asleep. We got popcorn and everything. It was not common for us to go to the theater when I was a kid because we had a VCR and cable, so it seemed like a big deal.

3.  Who is your favorite female movie star?  Who is your favorite male movie star?  Go ahead and list more than one if you must.

You know, I used to really enjoy certain people and their films but as I have gotten away from watching a lot of movies, I am not sure what to say here. We have gone back and watched a lot of Clint Eastwood’s older stuff and I will see everything new he makes. I enjoy anything Bruce Willis or Arnold does. In terms of females, um, hard to say because most of them annoy me to no end. I do like Annette Benning. But for the most part, none of them stick out to me. Now there are some actors that are always pretty to look at. Give me Chris Hemsworth all day.

4.  How about those old black & white movies!  Which one do you always stop and watch, even just a little, when channel surfing?

So, little known fact about me: in high school I got really into old movies and singers. I was a huge James Cagney fan and I was also really into Frank Sinatra. So some of my faves are White HeatThe Roaring Twenties, and It Happened one Night. I’ll always stop for An Affair to Remember, but that’s not b&w. 😉

5.  Is there a movie quote that makes you laugh or one that you repeat often in life that you can share with us?  Will we know what movie it comes from without you telling us?

Ha! You might. I often say, “Don’t drive angry; Don’t. Drive. Angry.”  Another one I am famous for saying is, “Where’s my dinner?”  I will send cookies to people who know either of those!

6.  Please share something random about your week with us.

It’s been stressful! Just getting stuff ready for the big party we’re having Saturday (my 40th, though my actual b-day was last week) is very work-intensive. Though I am sure most people don’t care about half the stuff we’ve done, it made us clean up a lot of things anyway. The yard looks great! We pressure washed the deck last night and though not perfect it looks pretty darn good.

On another note, I feel very nostalgic this week, but not sure for what. I found myself listening to Gloria Estefan’s late 80s/early 90s songs that remind me of living in South Florida and it makes me have this feeling of longing for that simpler time. I think it’s the work stress that makes me want to find an escape so there’s that too.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Medley – All about those movies (let’s do music next, eh?)

  1. I have a handful of the really old movies on my shelves in DVD. They’re fantastic. I love watching them with the granddaughters. Happy belated birthday! Hope the party on Saturday is a huge success.

  2. Oh, we might have to fight over Chris Hemsworth! I don’t know that his acting is all that great, but he could just stand there looking pretty and I’d be okay with it. And if we could throw in the guy from Aquaman…..

  3. My son is into old movies and music and I think that is the coolest thing ever. He is showing me movies I would have never watched or even known about. He loves old music too. Very neat.
    I love 80’s/90’s music. I listen to stations like that everyday. Loved your answers! Have a nice Wednesday!

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