MMMM + I’m a yardworking fool

I was having some MAJOR Sunday Blues last night; was just plunged into depression about having to go to work. Admittedly, I feel ok now, now that I am here and getting started. It could be that I was so unproductive last week here that I dreaded going back. But now there is plenty to do.

But let’s go back to Friday. My co-worker asked our boss if we could leave a little early and he complied! So I left a little after 3 and so did my husband, picking the kids up on the way. And since we all felt motivated, we worked in the yard and he sanded the pieces of the giant Jenga he’s building for me. We worked for a good two hours before deciding to go out for dinner, because I certainly wasn’t feeling like cooking. We went up to Flying Bear, an American grill type place that Ash and I frequent on our half days but the kids had never been to. I had a big-ass burger and it was amazing. Except, I felt pretty cruddy afterwards. I blame the meat and the beer together, for I did partake in a few brews.

Saturday, Ash got up and ran and we all got started in the yard. I think we filled 30 of those paper lawn bags with the leaves from the front. I raked one gazillion piles (ok, I think it was closer to 33) and the kids helped put them in bags. Around 11, our couches were delivered! So awesome to get new furniture. They moved our old couch to the sunroom so now we have more seating in there (where the ping pong table was.) Soon after, we went right back to doing work. OK no, we ordered pizza first then went to work. I mowed the front yard and man, I should have taken before and after pics, the difference was so radical. I was so exhausted but I never did stop working. I went to the store for dinner items and then we kept working: more work on Jenga, more cleaning up. At one point, my oldest said to me, “Mom, you have been working all day. You should sit down.” But I didn’t want to; I wanted to feel super productive.

Now, two not-so-great things did happen. For one, some no-good punk tagged our mailbox. You know, wrote some dumb graffiti word on it (It looked like “Stole”.) Our mailbox is black metal and it was in a white pen. Ash got out the spray paint and covered it up but that’s disconcerting. We have a camera always recording that front area so we have to review the footage. But like, come on people. So pathetic.

The second thing is: bees! Lots of them! And they built a nest right where the brick meets the hardie board. UGH. Since it is inside, we don’t know how big it is either. I saw one go into a hole last week but now we discovered a whole bunch. So Ash and I got spray and pummeled two entire cans into the areas we saw them. Seems like they’ve gone now and we’re going to fill the holes but ugh. What a pain.

Sunday, I was a bit lazier. I did get up and make breakfast then I ran 3 miles. I started on laundry but I didn’t do any yard work. I just couldn’t bring myself to. I did various things in the house and we ran errands. I cooked lunch and dinner as well; no cop-out meals like sandwiches either. In the evening, we watched the newest Clint Eastwood movie, The Mule, which was decent. Not as good as, say, Gran Torino, but a good watch. He always has a way of getting little funny things about people into his movies.

Today, I feel a lot better than last night. I don’t know what it was but I was just in a funk. But we all get like that from time to time. It’s ok but don’t wallow, I always say!


It’s a freebie week so I’m gonna hit you with two completely random songs. The first one is from an 80s singer named Dino, whose presence I was completely unaware of until last week when the song was featured on a dead mall video. The second is from a band named Draconian, who I would liken to Nightwish, if I had to pick something you may actually know.


6 thoughts on “MMMM + I’m a yardworking fool

  1. Claire,

    I understand about those blues. They sorta creep in on you unexpectedly and you’re probably right, it has to do with things going on in your life. I found the best way to fight those feelings is doing things I enjoy to break that pattern of sadness/discontent. It’s hard to really label that feeling but you know what I speak of I’m sure. What a bummer someone sprayed your mailbox! I bet it was a stupid teenager. I hope you’re able to ID the culprit. Sounds like y’all were super busy as usual over the weekend, though. We were busy with the house hunting process managing to look at several houses (drive-bys) on Saturday and drove by two more yesterday. We’re determined to find a place before the year is gone. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang. I hope you have a boogietastic week, my dear!

      1. Claire, The last time we bought a house (the one we’re in now) was 1980. I was too young and had just started college remembering very little from that experience so I’m anxious to enjoy it to its fullest this time around. Let’s see how this goes thus time!!

  2. Sunday’s always kind of a bummer to start with, isn’t it? For me, it was always Sunday afternoon that would get me. By evening it was a little better, emphasis on “little.”

    I’d get a professional exterminator to have a look at your bee trouble. YouTube is rife with horror stories about bees building a hive inside a wall…

    A couple of good tunes here!

  3. New songs to me – the first had a nice 80’s vibe – I’m a bit surprised I’m not familiar with it. Draconian – started out “meh” but the more I listened to it – it was like a good bag of potato chips. I hope you found that mailbox “graffiti artist” and that you found someone to take care of the bees. That’s one job I never would tackle myself. Again exhausted from reading (you do more in a day than I do in a month) and hope your blues mood has lifted.

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