Finally Friday – I need a weekend

OK that sounds awful. I am not really in need of time off – this entire week was slow at work and truthfully, quite restful. But I need the weekend to do… you guessed it: more yardwork. I really let those leaves pile up this winter and now I’m paying for it in raking. I had kind of hoped to get it done during the week, now that we’re granted this extra light in the evening, but I found reasons not to do it at all. Which day was full moon AND first day of Spring? Wednesday? Wow you guys, pile those two crazy occurrences onto the end of that time of the month for me and I could barely stay awake past 7:30. I dozed one and off for ten minute increments until I was finally asleep by 9:30. Don’t remember the last time I was THAT tired.

I have to say though, after that one slump, I feel better than I have in a long time. Mentally motivated, uplifted, happy even. Physically well – thanks to the yoga and better eating. Now, if this day could just go faster, I’d be ecstatic! I need some time to decompress, preferably with a cold beer.

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