Random Tuesday – A pre-birthday lament/celebration

Stacy Uncorked


  • I’ve been getting into a lot of melodic death metal lately and though you’d think it would be depressing, the melancholy nature makes me happy. I know that’s weird. I’m weird. I always have been, I guess.
  • Of course, by the time you get to my age, that doesn’t bother you much anymore. At least, it shouldn’t. I am focusing on letting a lot more stuff go and just being me/happy. In fact, I am also trying to be more productive and organized. Not that I wasn’t before but just even more so. I started following this guy, Thomas Frank, on youtube and he has a lot of great vids for that stuff. I highly recommend him.
  • FYI, today is the very last day of my 30s. I posted to facebook I thought I ought to do something crazy. But I’m going to go to work, go home, run three miles, and probably watch wrestling.
  • As I walked into work, carrying my “Leftist tears” coffee tumbler, I was compiling a list of things that people would associate with me or that I think of about myself. It went a little something like this: Mom and wife; I like to run and do yoga; I don’t accessorize much but I am into wearing black and band t-shirts; I also subscribe to Southern Living and Martha Stewart; I listen to a variety of heavy metal that includes but is not limited to melodic death, doom, and black. I subscribe to conservative podcasts; I have an affinity for pumpkins and sunsets; I use essential oils; I’m mostly a beer drinker, whereas my friends are into fruity wines; I love professional wrestling and slash fanfiction; I love romance novels; I am a conglomeration of so many things that make me an individual, not someone who can be painted with a broad brush.
  • We watched Bryan Callen’s stand up last night and though I wouldn’t describe it as “super funny”, I will say that he took risks and said a lot of true things. I found it entertaining.
  • Maybe, just maybe, since I mentioned it already, I will do something special for myself on this last day of my decade of 30. But maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – A pre-birthday lament/celebration

  1. Whoopsie! I was logged into another profile – a new company a friend and I are starting up…heh! So ignore the name ‘Terri’, that was me me me! LOL!!

    Hope you’ve had a fabulous week! 🙂

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