MMMM + The headache that won’t go away

I know most of you reading are long-time readers of my Monday posts but as a reminder, I do tend to write the more mundane details more for myself so thanks for hanging in there and humoring me. Some day I want to remember what I was doing and this helps!

So on Thursday, Ash drove with a friend to pick up a car the guy was buying. Ash drove his friend’s truck back here and I picked him up. This was a very hectic afternoon because work had been busy then I had about 10 minutes at home before getting Ash from his friend’s house then taking him back to work to get his car. We had about 20 minutes at home before leaving for home brew club… which was canceled on the way there. Turns out the restaurant we meet in had a gas leak and had to close. It worked out though because Ash and I went to Texas Roadhouse and had a nice meal together.

I called out “sick” Friday because truth be told, I wasn’t feeling great but I also needed a break. I just needed time. I even made myself a list of things to do in the house. And I got almost all of them done: sweeping, vacuuming, washing floors, laundry, and some other smaller tasks. Ash got home and we went out for mexican then went to basically every furniture store in town. Last weekend we looked at couches at a place in Georgia and we were pretty smitten with this one sofa. I don’t mind that it has baseball stitching on the back cushions; the other features outweigh that to me. It has power recline, lumbar, and headrests. The middle cushion folds down to reveal outlets and cup holders. It’s actually comfortable and it is all leather. BUT, we did our due diligence and sat on many other sofas. We liked a couple at Haverty’s as well, but didn’t want to pull the trigger just yet.

Saturday morning, Ash ran early, I made big breakfast, then after a little pool work, we went back up to Turners to pick up a side table we’d purchased and then look at the couch again. After seeing and sitting again, we went back across town to compare the Havertys ones. One turned out not to have lumbar and the other that did was just… too ugly. So our choice was made. But we weren’t going back up to GA that day so we held off.

Ash and his friend worked some more on putting the backyard lights up and I cleaned and carted children around. Elliot went to a friend’s house and ended up spending the night. It was a rainy day so not much yardwork got done.

However, Sunday was basically all yard work. I got up and ran 3 miles – finally getting up my mileage again – and then after some smaller tasks, got out in the yard. I weeded the crap out of that yard! In fact, I was out there for basically four hours with just a few small breaks. According to my Lose it weight loss/food logging app, I burned over 800 calories just from that alone. It was a very productive day. I got laundry done too and even made a lasagna. By the time we sat down to dinner, I was EXHAUSTED and had earned my beer.

I woke this morning with an awful allergy-related headache. Pressure in my face and a little dizzy. I took a cocktail of an allergy pill, Aleve, and some magnesium; here’s hoping it goes away soon because I just sort of want to lay down. It is nice, however, that it’s Spring Break and no TAs or professors are around.  I don’t have to talk to as many people. Which is good because I’m not good at it today. My neighbor took the kids to camp this morning and I realized through our brief conversation I am just not with it at all. I plan on walking in a little while. It’s cool out but that should be nice too. I meet with someone about fence repair around 3:30 so I can at least leave a little early too.



The theme today is artists born in March so let’s see what I can dredge up.

One March birthday is Jason Newsted of Metallica. He took over after Cliff Burton died so here’s a song from a Jason album.

Another bassist who just had a birthday is Steve Harris of Iron Maiden fame. Let’s celebrate with a bass line he personally holds in high esteem.


5 thoughts on “MMMM + The headache that won’t go away

  1. Sorry, but Metallica and Iron Maiden is just not one of my favorite groups, but hey if you like them so be it! ROCK ON BABY GIRL!!! i’M SO glad that I don’t have allergies like you cuz I have enough things to handle. I hope yours isn’t too bad. You surely had a busy weekend. It is still too cold over here! Have a great week!

  2. Claire,

    I can relate to those horrid allergy-related headaches. Normally nothing I do squashes the pain and I’m left to ride it out. I think it’s pAwesome that you keep track of what you do. It’s good to have a record that shows the things you accomplished. I generally have a list of to-dos which I can look back on to see my successes and failures. Here’s hoping this week is a good one. Thanks for sharing these birthday boys with us. Have boogietastic week, my friend!

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