Random Tuesday – Time on my hands, couch time, better eating,

Stacy Uncorked


  • BORED. SO BORED. Spring Break is quiet, yes. But there’s nothing to do at work. I would take time off but I really cannot. So I just have to bring stuff to do. Today I have my bullet journal and a book.
  • I feel pretty healthy since starting back on logging my food. I use the Lose it! app, and have for years, but only recently put it back on my phone. It also pushes me to exercise more, even though I was running every other day. It isn’t even so much seeing the amount of calories but something subconscious makes me want to make good food choices. I had lowfat yogurt, honey, and walnuts for breakfast instead of a frozen sausage, egg and cheese biscuit. I miss that flavor but feel better. Progress!
  • As our host pointed out, tomorrow is the first day of Spring. AND it is a full moon. Also, mercury is in retrograde and that is apparently a v. bad thing. Beware of Wednesday!
  • My hope for today is simple: see the sun. It came out very briefly yesterday but for the most part, it has been cloudy. But not rainy so I guess I can’t really complain. I have to run later and we need to transfer the beer from the Better Bottle to the carboy. Meant to do it last night but we were buying couches!
  • They get delivered Saturday and I am excited! Here they are. It’s not my choice color but all the features make it totally worth it. We bought two, to maximize seating. The middle cushion folds down for plugs and cup holders!render-image
  • It’s a much different look for our room so we’ll also need a new area rug and now I’m stressed about money but it was time to get this furniture.
  • I’ve been told to give Greta Van Fleet another try, though they really are just a Zeppelin cover band. I mean, they wrote their own songs but they sound SO much like Zeppelin it’s not even funny. So far, I enjoy them but I’m not super into them yet.
  • Now another band I might get into is Lords of the Trident. They seem… fun. And Metal should be fun. Music ain’t serious!
  • OK I’m two hours into the day and think it’s time to switch to something else so I stay entertained. See y’all tomorrow!

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