Counting down – not a break but a respite

Spring Break is next week, which means TAs and professors are not around and my kids are at camp but me? Nope, gotta work. I have accepted that this is just how it is. Even if I worked elsewhere, the week would not be a break. But in a job where the majority of people you work for are gone, it becomes a little obvious and unbearable how unbalanced that is.

It puts me in a relaxed frame of mind though. Fewer people here and most work wrapped up means I don’t feel on edge and stressed. I keep looking out my window at the bright bright sun and wish I could sit out in it. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow which means I won’t be drawn to the outside and I can get things done inside, which is my goal.

It will at least be quiet next week. I can catch up on YouTube videos and this book I’m reading:


So far, it’s pretty good. I don’t avoid male writers but I have been reading romance for so long, it’s not common. I like his style; he actually writes in brief but profound sentences with semicolons, the way I like to. It’s a little bit of mystery, romance, adventure. Pretty good. And it’s just the first in a series so I have opened many a reading door going forward.

I started logging food and exercise again with the Lose It app. Today is a little disappointing because I know we’re eating out and that meal has a lot of calories. I am going to ask for just one taco instead of two when we go. Especially because there will also be beer. It’s good to see what I am actually taking in versus the exercise too.

I’m at the end of what my brain can produce and I have a headache. I’m going to finish up and head out!



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