Random Tuesday – Music and festivals and burgers and brrrr

Stacy Uncorked


  • Over the weekend, some plans finally coalesced and we got tickets to one day at the Welcome to Rockville festival in May. It’s funny how it started: a parent of one of the little girls Dakota went to preschool with posted a pic of her and her husband (whose name happens to also be Dakota) of them last year at the festival. I made a comment about how cool it was and she messaged me and said we should go. Now, we aren’t super great friends; though our kids have been to many birthday parties together. But so we both, I would say, equally messaged each other about making it work and voila: we’re going. I’m super excited. (Saturday is our day.)WTR19-Official-AdmatLRG
  • Additionally, Slipknot announced a tour with Gojira, Behemoth and Volbeat. I am actually not a Slipknot fan but an old friend of mine is (she and her hubs literally named their son after the lead singer) and so I am going to try and make that happen in September. All my concert dreams are coming true! Now if Avatar could just come down a little farther south, I’d be a happy girl.
  • And ANOTHER thing coming down the line is that Dakota wants to be next to attend a show. There’s a theme park about an hour from here that does concerts and one of my favorite Easy Listening bands from the 70s, Air Supply, will be there on her birthday. Think we might get passes, go all summer, then take her then.
  • I was in some kinda mood yesterday and again, work is just not a place I look forward to coming to. Admittedly, I do still like my office and the actual work I get done but the people, OY. And they’re making us have forced socializing today: eating sweets for Fat Tuesday. Get out of here. Nothing I hate more than being made to be friends.
  • It’s all cold again. It rained all night and into the early morning and now it is sunny but in the 30s. I welcome one last cold snap but I am ready for some actual spring days. Like, sunny, windy, and cool but not cold. I want to lay out by my pool even if I cannot yet swim in it.
  • We have plans to go to Disney in November and I’m pretty excited. I used to LOVE going but after having kids, it’s just one big hassle. But Dakota hasn’t gone since she was maybe 2 and we thought it might be time. We got a sick deal on a hotel so that is why this can happen. I think i’ll be cool yet exhausting.
  • When I got home from my shit-tastic day yesterday I really wanted a big fat cheeseburger. But I knew we weren’t going out, nor did my husband want to cook them. He offered, but I knew his heart wasn’t in it. SO, I ended up making leftover tacos for my oldest, pb&j for the littles, a sandwich for the hubs, and this masterpiece for myself:
  • burger.PNG
  • I got some local-ish grass-fed beef and pan seared it, put it on a little mayo and lettuce and topped it with an egg and some avocado. It was AMAZING.
  • Well, that’s about all the random I have for you for today. I have a million things to do so I’m out!

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Music and festivals and burgers and brrrr

  1. You could become super-great friends with the lady, or at least hang out every once in a while.

    Now that’s a hamburger, or as we used to say when we were kids, hangaber.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little jelly about the rock festival! Looks like a lot of great bands. I’ve seen Shinedown and Rob Zombie in concert. Both amazing!
    Someday, oh someday, I’ll get to go to Disney….
    That burger looks delish.

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