MMMM + Need just ONE more day

I have a tendency to obsess over what I consider to be failures. And last night, when I was finishing up after dinner and looking around the house, I realized I did not get as much done inside as I would have liked. Though it is not as if I did not work. Oh no, we were busy.

Friday at work was actually quite busy because we had last minute things to do before the schedule opens today. But in the night before, I slept funky and pulled a muscle in my neck/back. Looking up or side to side yielded a shooting pain that at times was shockingly painful. By 3, I had a massive headache too so I went home. 2/5 of the family was asleep, one was on Xbox and the other wasn’t home. So I took a nap too. It was much needed.

Saturday morning we woke up and it was pouring rain – ugh! Luckily, it did stop long enough for Ell and I to walk the half mile up to the church for the Shamrock Scurry race. BUT, it began to pour right as the race began! It rained again a couple times during but it was never that bad. I didn’t do as well as I wanted to but it was a very hilly route! Elliot did pretty well so we did earn our sausage and pancakes. The day went so quickly after. We dropped Isaac off at a birthday party, ate lunch at the mall, picked him up, then ran a couple errands. The plan was to clean out the garage and the shed but I had to get in a quick nap. After a 30 min rest, we all got to work. The shed was still full of junk we’d shoved in there for the hurricane… in October. Ugh! But we managed to get it all cleaned up and organized. We’d picked up this street tacos kit from Costco and though a few of us liked it, Ash didn’t care for the chicken. Oh well. I’m looking forward to it in leftovers.

Sunday, we had big breakfast before starting on chores. Again, another instance of being wrapped up in perceived failures. Went to Fresh Market for steak and sushi, neither of which they had. Well, no white rice sushi and absolutely no sirloin. Ugh! Publix likewise had to make some sushi for me and their steaks didn’t look great. (They also weren’t that good in the end either.)Β  So that set the tone for my day in a lot of ways! Though, we did get the second basketball hoop up (the old owners left one, hence, two.) Then I started working on the driveway. A lot of dirt had accumulated and weeds were growing along the fence. I pulled and raked and shoveled and then it was clean! But it took a looong time. I was working all day. Ash and his friend likewise worked on the lights for my party – and beyond. It’ll be cool once they’re up.

So yes, a very busy weekend and I’d love to have another day to work inside. I can’t take any days off though. Boy do I want to; work’s been shit already. No, I’m lying. It’s just been annoying because people are irresponsible and have no communication skills but also like to blame others for their failures. I have the perfect music related gif for how I feel:



I’m sort of at a loss for answering this week’s theme of how music educates us. I thought about doing one like our host: the kids react to certain artists/videos. I love those so much. I could write about how it educates us but chances are, you guys would think I am crazy. To me, a non-musician, I think about “educate” not in terms of learning scales or math or anything, but about content. I was educated in the ways of many things; things about life and people. So I am sharing a couple songs that did this for me.

DLR was one of my very first crushes when I was a kid. Seems weird, I know. But this video was a sort of awakening, making me understand what I found attractive. And it was guys like this. LOL.

I can’t listen to this song anymore because it is depressing but when I was a teenager andΒ Jeremy came out, it made me realize how much of a problem depression and suicide really was amongst people my age.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Need just ONE more day

  1. Claire,

    You took a neat approach to the education by telling us how these songs taught you about life and that’s just as important if not more important than your ABCs and 123s. Have a boogietastic week. I hope your neck is feeling better. I get that sometimes and it’s horrible to deal with!

  2. Great music
    Reading this made me think of all the times Tim would want a good clean up, which resulted in him making a right mess getting tired and expecting me to fix it because he had thrown a heap of stuff on our bed and it had to be moved in order for the bed to be used that night

  3. Know something strange? I’m familiar with both songs but not the videos, and I don’t remember the Twilight zone-y beginning of California Girls (loved it, as I work in the city where Rod Serling spent his teen years) or the news-like beginning of Jeremy. And getting back to California Girls, it was such a fun video! I hope your neck feels better. You do more in a weekend than I do in a season, lol.

  4. Your weekends are always so jam-packed! I’d need another day, too! πŸ˜‰

    I like your take on the theme – I’ve always loved the song California Girls. πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a great weekend – and aren’t too encumbered by losing an hour. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the dance! πŸ™‚

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