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Probably because I’m both an Aries and an INTJ (have I said this before?) I become obsessed with things for short periods of time. Oh, I said it on another blog. Here’s what I wrote:

I don’t know if it’s because I’m an Aries or an INTJ or what but when I get into something, I get INTO it. It encompasses all my extra brain space. Like if it’s a band, I want to know every song, every album, watch every interview and find every fan page.

And then, after a little while, the blind obsession starts to cool and I’m highly aware of it fading, which also makes me panic. Like I want to hang onto the last tendrils, slowly slipping through my fingers. I admire people who can hang on forever. For example, I still follow Sherlock fan pages who’ve been around since I got into it in 2013. Congrats to you but I have to move on from things. It’s bittersweet but something I have accept about myself.

So yes, I am seeing that happen with some stuff. And I hate it. It makes me feel like I’m losing something. And that makes me a little empty.


I was just thinking how it felt like time to go out to eat. We normally do on Saturdays but we did not this past week; had too many other things going on. But then yesterday, though it felt like a good night to suggest eating out for pizza, my husband was under the weather (you know, the dreaded Man Cold) so I said nothing. This morning, as we’re getting ready for work, he says, “Maybe we should go out tonight.” The man can either read my mind or we are just that in sync.


We finished a Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy, last night and I am sad to report that I was disappointed in the ending. So many people told me how good it was. Yeah, certain aspects of the show are interesting and smart but so many are just stupid. I just wish it hadn’t let me down. Also, I cannot stand Ellen Page, as an actress or person. So there’s that.


Elliot and I ran our race route yesterday; a particularly good run, if I do say so. When he and I are talking, I barely notice the climb. There are two good size hills that in the past, I have not been able to overcome. Maybe Saturday I will finally be happy with my time. I want to earn the pancakes at the end!


This gif has got me in some kinda way. How can he have such great hair? It’s Tim from Avatar, fyi. Them Swedes, man. That country may be a hot mess but their men are yum.



On my drive home yesterday I was thinking about something. As mentioned, I get really into a band. I hate to actually use the word obsessed, but it sometimes fits the bill. It becomes my distraction from everything else; the thing that fills in the gaps between my work and familial obligations. I guess it’s my hobby. But anyway, I have never gotten to go to a band’s show when I was at the peak of said obsession. Obviously it would have to be pure serendipity for those things to align but man, that concert would be like a high never before experienced. For me anyway. I mean, when I have seen Ghost, I was into them but not at peak. There is a real true phenomena associated with that band about post-ritual blues. Every fan talks about it. When the show is over and in the days and weeks that follow, there’s a let-down. So imagine for a moment the sheer happiness I would feel being in the presence of my faves when I felt the closest to them, musically?

Lord, that would be amazing.


The office is doing a staff Hawaiian shirt day. I do so want to participate in functions at the same time as I hate feeling like community is forced. Don’t make me do it!


4 thoughts on “Brain bits

  1. I relate to so much of this. I can’t say I’m into the same music as you are, but when I’m into something, I’m SO into it. Obsessed. It occupies my every thought, and I google stuff endlessly. But then, it will fade, and when I come across said obsession down the road, I feel sad that those days are over. Last year, I got irrationally tied up in Canadian figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir during their Olympic run. I was even writing fan fiction about them. I watched old videos of them on Youtube for hours. Just recently, they did a cross-Canada tour to thank the country for their support, and the televised special didn’t do much for me. I was like, “sigh. I’m over Tessa & Scott I guess.” I’ve done this with musicians/bands, actors, hockey players… you name it. Seems to happen less though as I get older, which also makes me sad. I love the feeling of being totally wrapped up in something.

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