Random Tuesday – Gimme a break, people are weird, near-40 musings

Stacy Uncorked


  • I am in desperate need of a weekend with no plans! And this one won’t be it. Elliot and I run a 5k Saturday then Isaac has a birthday party. We were going to go to Pensacola but I don’t think so now. Mostly because the show we wanted to see is sold out. Sunday we have some general cleaning to do – in the garage and the shed. So yeah, busy again!
  • I mentioned yesterday that we went to my husband’s friend’s place for dinner Sunday. To backtrack, this guy has brought his daughter, the same age as Dakota, over a few times and our kids get along very well. I love that they can play together, since Koda has not made too many little friends in the neighborhood. Anyway, when he asked us to dinner, I thought it would be nice to meet his wife. Well, I was wrong. So we drove about 20 mins to the edge of town where they live. I tried to make conversation with his wife but it was awkward. Not that she was particularly awkward but she was sort of, well, rude. I sort of expected her to take the approach of “How nice it is our daughters enjoy hanging out together; glad I can meet you” etc… No it was more like everything she said was self-centered and negative and she wasn’t very good at keeping a back and forth conversation going. I may be semi-antisocial but I know how to converse. Ugh. I kept looking for opportunities to go back outside with the boys or Ash.
  • Then it got weirder because there was an old lady smoking on the porch who a.) they never introduced us to (turns out it was the grandma who lived there) and b. did not sit down to dinner with us. At dinner, the wife was constantly ragging on her husband and how he didn’t finish all the things on the list she made for him. It was awkward for us because he’s been helping with our project and I felt a little guilty. Of course, he can decide where he spends his time. I definitely did not like her approach to it. He seems like he is busting his ass to get all this stuff done – all physical labor related – and she appears to be a lazy schmoe. LOL. So yeah, I don’t see us hanging out there very often. I do hope our daughters can keep being friends though.
  • And look, far be it for me to judge peoples’ lifestyles; we all have our own quirky things. But to have a 5 year old and keep a gigantic hookah on your coffee table… I just think that’s weird. No one I know past their twenties keeps paraphernalia like that out and around.
  • So I ordered a book from Sweden. The band I really like, Avatar, did a concept album and the lead singer went ahead and wrote an epic poem that accompanies the idea. It’s about a headstrong owl who wants to stop the sun from rising, because she owns the night and if it ends, well, she won’t be in power anymore. So she sets out on this journey and meets all these different creatures. It’s awesome. However, I also chose the “at your risk” shipping method and they predict three weeks to get here. Most people are reporting longer so I shall forget I ordered it for now then be excited and surprised if/when it finally shows up.
  • I feel very exasperated by everything lately. I am trying not to be though. I watched a quick youtube video by this younger commentary chick who was discussing outrage culture. I am very familiar with it since everyone in grad school seems to be that way:  mad about every little thing. And this youtuber had a point – one which we are all very aware of but tend to ignore – about how we waste a lot of our time, waste away our already short lives –  being mad or angry or complaining. We really should focus on enjoying things and being happy. Because it’s a waste of time otherwise.
  • One of my favorite wrestlers, whose leukemia flared up, came back last night. It was really nice to see him looking healthy and be back with his buddies. But also a little sad because one of them is apparently leaving. I realize it’s just lame entertainment but I take it a wee bit to seriously and let myself be emotional about it.
  • I have been waking up about 25-30 minutes early during the week and doing some 10-15 minute yoga videos on youtube. It’s made me feel a whole lot better, physically. Of course there’s the mental benefit of feeling like I’m really taking care of myself. As I near 40, I am taking note of ways in which I want to change/improve myself. I still run, obviously, but I want to make sure I eat better and yoga, definitely.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Gimme a break, people are weird, near-40 musings

  1. Sounds like you had an interesting time (yeesh…) You have to wonder about the state of their marriage if the wife is airing dirty laundry like that. And the whole Grandma thing is just weird. I would think that they would at least introduce the woman. Grandma could be the reason the wife was so prickly. And, the hookah? That’s beyond weird. I hope your daughters continue to see each other, anyway.

  2. Oh man! I wouldn’t want to hang out with those people, either! Sheesh! I’m an introvert, but totally an extrovert when the situation presents itself (you know, like socializing with guests effectively, or interacting with people). And the whole grandmother scenario seems odd as well!

    Oooh! I need to get that book!!

    Good for you getting up early to do yoga! Woot!! 🙂

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