MMMM + Social interaction limit met

For real, for an introvert like myself, there really is only so much I can take. Now, I can be social and I do enjoy other people. But I reach a point where I’m just sort of done. February has been way too peopley for me.

Friday at work, I was feeling particularly reclusive. I worked on tasks in my office and avoided people if possible. Then, I managed to swing leaving by 2; THANK GOD. Though it wasn’t relaxing. I went home and put the pool robot in, ran to Target, then sat for maybe 30 mins before Isaac and I went to the skating rink. The school was doing a mother/son date night – with a 1970s/tie dye theme! Not a lot of folks fulfilled that but we did. He wore a tie dye shirt and we both had head bands. I wore a Black Sabbath 1978 tour shirt, so that fit the bill. Had a great time skating, though I hadn’t done it in a while and my right ankle hurt and the sock chafed. We decided against eating there and stopped into Chik-fil-a on the way home. It was a really nice night for the two of us.

Saturday, Dakota had a birthday party so Ash and I both got runs in beforehand and I even went to the store before they left. I got some cleaning and whatnot done while they were gone and packed us up for camping, which we left for around 3. The campsite is about an hour from us so not too bad of a drive. Got out there and set up our tent then hung around with our friends. Every time we go out there it is a different atmosphere. This time, they’d gotten in trouble with Fish and Wildlife for having beer (it’s a state area) the two previous nights so people were a little more lowkey. The woman on duty at that area is a real stickler. But she never did show up while we were there. Honestly, I got a pretty good night’s sleep, considering it was kind of humid out there. The temps dropped to the upper 60s in the night so it wasn’t too hot. We woke with the sun the next morning and though we normally bail early, we stuck around until 8. I wanted to give people time to wake up – because they’ve been known to complain that we leave early – but they still slept in! Which is annoying because they did go to bed earlier than normal. Slackers.

It was an awful morning: foggy that turned into a driving rain. We were home by 9 and there, it was still just cloudy. Kids started skimming the pool, only to be defeated by howling winds and then the rain. Sigh. Funny though: by afternoon it was sunny and cool! Random! I got home to start laundry, shower, then run to various stores. It was odd because by 11, I felt like it was 3 or something, given all we’d done. Ash had a friend come over to help with party prep. So, though my birthday party is on more than a month, we are getting things ready. He and the friend put in posts so we can drape lights. It’s going to look so nice!

So this friend of my husband’s invited us to dinner last night. It was… interesting and I’ll go more into it on my Tuesday post. But to circle around to my post title, I am tired of talking to people. It’s exhausting!


Freebie weeks are the best! So last Monday, when I did not post, it was because my mom, sister, and I were in Tampa to see Fleetwood Mac. Even without Lindsey Buckingham, they were awesome! He quit/got fired a mere two days after I bought tickets so… whatever. We had a good time there and I was impressed with how good Stevie sounded. Christine, not so much. But her songs still went over well. Now, since this band has an extensive songbook, I am sharing a couple that I love that they definitely did not play.

I could share 20 more like that they’d never play on tour. This is a testament to how many good songs they have!

13 thoughts on “MMMM + Social interaction limit met

  1. You can pretty well count on them not doing anything from the Peter Green days (e.g. “Oh Well,” “Albatross,” “The Green Manaliishi with the Two Prong Crown” etc.) either…

  2. Well, shows how much I know about Fleetwood Mac. Boy oh boy, shows you how much I know about them. I just pick out ones I like & then that’s it! Tell me no more! hahaha!!! Believe it or not when I was in the band I use to sing Stevie songs, but they weren’t any of these. hahaha! I’m bad! Thanks for the introduction & girlfriend where in the heck do you live (state)? How can you go camping??? We had 25 below windchill factor just last week… not to mention all the dang snow!!! Sheesh! brrrrrrrrrrr Anyway, glad you had fun. I remember when we use to go camping at a friend’s house. They had this huge yard & we all use to pitch our tents & in the morning we went to this fair right across the street & they’d have a band there & everything. Soooooooooooo much fun with our friends & then at the fair. Wow, I haven’t thought about that in years. Thanks… I had a fun time here this morning! Have a great week & thanks for the introduction to Fleetwood Mac’s other tunes…

  3. Claire,

    WOW, 60s at night! That’s pretty warm. We’ve been having warmer weather but not that warm at night. It’s forecast to cool night this weekend which I predicted weeks ago. That’s normal for the first part of March to feel real winter-like. You shared three new-to-me Fleetwood Mac song. My favorite of the three is the first one, the other two are just so-so. Here’s to a boogietastic week, my dear! Thanks for joining us on the dance floor! 😉

  4. How nice that you live in such a warm climate! 🙂 I’m a bit jealous right now, as winter is raging on, here in the Toronto area. (I’m doing Winter Songs as a result.) Too much socializing definitely gets to be a drag, after a while. Fleetwood Mac has an interesting history. My favourite incarnation of the band is the original, Peter Green era of the late 60s when they were into blues/rock. These songs are pretty good too, especially “I Wonder Why”.

  5. Wonderful to hear that you went to see Fleetwood Mac. Lindsey can be somewhat of a moody band member but it is great to see the others, including McVie!

  6. I am quite introverted and I sometimes just want to get away from people, too. But my boy is grown – no school events! I enjoyed being introduced to three new (to me) Fleetwood Mac songs. I never knew about the original, Peter Green era until I was introduced to it by a music blogger and now – of your three “I Wonder Why” was my definite favorite.

  7. I feel your pain! I, too, tend to be an introvert, so too much interaction with people can be a bit stressful. Jealous you get to go camping this time of year! Our first venture out won’t be until Memorial Day weekend, and even then it’s hit-and-miss on if it’ll be chilly and drizzly that weekend. 🙂

    Love your song choices – love Fleetwood Mac, so great you got to go see them (even without Lindsey). 🙂

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