Not doing the Wednesday Medley

I do not like Valentine’s Day so I am opting out. Instead, I’m just going to ramble about what I’m doing lately.

Looking at my Google calendar for this month gives me anxiety. It’s so full! And I like that in a lot of ways; it means we are living life. But it also makes me feel like I won’t have any time to relax. Which I know is not true. It’s quite amazing just how much one can get done. I always look at my weekend recaps on Monday’s blog post and realize that I accomplished a lot in just two days.

It got warm, as previously mentioned, but it’s supposed to get cold again. I guess I am not too unhappy about because I did want to make another fire. It has been a few weeks and I do love my fireplace. It will sit dormant eight months out of the year but in those other 4, I can enjoy it.

I am still actively pursuing new job opportunities. Every day I come to work and want to be here less and less. I am doing a lot more work for no more pay. And no one cares. AND on top of that, the grad students have begun a line of inquiry as to how they can get paid more. Yeah, I don’t think so. In fact, they want to teach fewer classes AND get paid more; the EXACT opposite of the situation I am in as a staff member. I am just sort of… done. Today is worse than normal and I’d better keep my mouth shut before I say something that will get me in trouble.

Soccer season is almost over, which kind of makes me sad. I guess I always feel this way as seasons come to an end. We started practicing just before Thanksgiving and this coming Saturday are the final games. I am also sad that my boys opted out of baseball but I also cannot make them do it if they don’t want to. They did baseball for a long time and they always do soccer and flag football. Sports will be back in due time.



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