Middle fingers for everyone – a ranty bulleted uncensored post

A list of people who got an obscene gesture from me this week:

  • The Grammys, because they’re stupid and banal and wouldn’t know good music if it ran over them.
  • The assholes who drive 50 through my neighborhood. Yes, my road is wide but that doesn’t mean you should treat it like a highway.
  • The assholes who see that my road is wide and STILL don’t move over when I am running. Until the city sees fit to put a sidewalk, I’ll be on the road. I move as close to the curb as I can; the least you can do is drive slightly closer to the middle.
  • Spotify commercials. I listen on desktop and they are THE WORST. The Groupon on, the Hilton Rewards one. SO EFFING ANNOYING. They pick people with the worst grating voices I have ever heard.
  • The general University system. So many stupid policies. And getting things changed for the better within a system that has been around forever is very difficult. You can’t just undo decades worth of policy.
  • People who stand in the public bathroom and talk on their phone on speaker. Could you be less aware of the world around you? Probably not.
  • My kids each got a mental eff you this morning because they each asked for something different for breakfast and upon arrival at the table, complained. Nothing was actually wrong but they had attitude regardless.

OK, DEEP BREATH. Can you tell I have been really mad? I need to get away and unplug. I’d love to go to the beach but we aren’t there yet; it was 39 this morning. I’m not one of those people who can get a beach fix just by walking on it. I don’t enjoy the cold beach experience.

Next Saturday, Dakota has a birthday party to attend and then we head about an hour southeast to the campsite with friends. It’ll be the first year we won’t have to rush home to a dog so maybe we’ll stay longer in the morning. I don’t mind that part of it but Ash hates it. He wants to wake up and shower but that’s obviously not an option when you are tent camping. You barely get cell service out there so you’re forced to let that go. I love it.

Tomorrow I plan on mowing my lawn, which will also make me feel good. There’s something so satisfying about removing the winter weeds and clearly away fallen leaves. I really just need some kind of cleansing or clarifying task like that to set myself straight. I am stressed and angry and I need to change my mindset.

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