Random Tuesday – Weather and such

Stacy Uncorked


  • Weather’s gone to crap again; it is gray and misty today and though in the 60s, it will start dropping tomorrow and we will see 30s again. Boy am I tired of the drastic changes. When you have a morning in the high 40s and it hits 70s by day’s end, my body has a meltdown. Plus, when it got warm for a hot second, flowers got confused and started to spread pollen. Sigh.
  • The weather channel app on my phone just straight up lied to me. I got a notification and it said “ice headed your way; see hourly.” Yeah I don’t think so.
  • I was very proud of myself for doing some make-ahead lunches. I had some rice and sauteed peppers and then I bought these chicken breasts stuffed with feta and spinach and I paired them with brussel sprouts. I love making those because my family absolutely hates the smell. Sorry guys, mama’s gotta eat and I love them.
  • I guess as I near my 40th birthday, I started thinking more about how I need to lose weight. I always think this but I suppose I feel like I’m not getting any younger so best be getting after it.
  • My birthday is at the end of March, so not that close, but we are planning a huge party and it is always on my mind. Certainly it comes up each time something else arrives. Ash is planning to hang lights all over the yard and has this elaborate plan.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about Spring and Summer, mostly how much I am ready to go to the beach. I was noticing how pale I am lately and I definitely need that tan. On that front, here’s a cool this or that template I found about travel and since it’s random, I offer it to you:ab8859404bc59f50eb834f99c489362d

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