MMMM + Productive and tiring weekend

I am TIRED. Not “want to go back to sleep” tired, but just body tired. It was a long weekend. So, here goes. I am pretty sure I did absolutely nothing Friday; I was straight up exhausted! Saturday, I woke up and got going on my normal routine but happened to check Nextdoor to see there had been a death right up the road from us. As the day went on, details leaked but nothing conclusive. Some guy drove a Jeep to right past the roundabout then fell out, later to just perish. This is the gist of it anyway. Details are still fuzzy but people are tying it to an earlier kidnapping of two people. One body was already dumped and they’re thinking this guy was the other one and perhaps he escaped. He was badly beaten when he tried to walk into the gas station. Of course, people in the neighborhood tried to use this isolated incident to talk about speeding. OMG, that makes me mad. Busybodies with too much time on their hands!

Anyway, I went to the store and while gone, saw on our cameras that a new kid my son befriended right around the corner had come to hang out. But then he left. I gave Elliot a call and he said he told him he didn’t want to play. Not to orchestrate his life but I didn’t want him to give up an opportunity to forge new friendships. In the end, after our soccer games, lunch, and a hair cut, I took him to this friend’s house and left him there. LOL. No, he’d agreed to it. And they ended up hanging out all evening.

On Sunday, everyone was up before 7 – which is odd – so we had big breakfast, I started laundry, then ran. Then Ash and I went to Walmart and Costco, which got our momentum going. We swung back by the house to get the kids and go to the mall for lunch. Then we were really motivated: we all helped take the cover off the pool and get it cleaned up. My arms are killing me from push brooming all the water and leaves off that big cover. We got the thing cleaned up then took a break; I went back to the store for steak, then in the evening, we got out the new roof rake and took care of that. Some of those branches had been up there since the October hurricane! So yes, we got a lot done but today, I am just not feeling it as much. Hoping some of that motivation trickles down to my work ethic though.


You know I love a freebie week because I can share with you music that isn’t pop stuff. Heh heh. No offense to pop music but I’m not into it.

Let’s start with Katatonia. Metalarchives calls it Doom Metal but I don’t know; it doesn’t seem like that to me. It’s very melodic. I discovered them because Per Eriksson played for them for a while and he now plays for Ghost. I really like the sound because it is heavy at the same time calming. Great for work listening.

This next song is from a group called Emigrate but it features Ghost’s lead singer. I don’t know this group but I do enjoy the song. It’s a little bit electronica/New Wave-y but still good.

This next one is a group I definitely knew about and heard in the 90s but did not get into until recently. HIM is a Finnish rock band, sometimes classified as “Love Metal”, which – in my opinion – there is not nearly enough of.

OK, one more. This is from Chris Catalyst’s solo attempts; I played Eureka Machines for you on a Wednesday (so expect more one of these Mondays!) This is a slow song and probably more approachable than the usual fare I share with you all.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Productive and tiring weekend

  1. Claire,

    I get how this mewsic makes you feel. It’s not something I would listen to normally but it’s a nice change and I love the exposure. That’s just horrible mews to hear about your neighbor’s death, possibly murdered?! The evil of this world is awful. How I pray for the hearts of many to change. Hopefully, this week will bring cheerier things your way. Saying prayers for your neighbor’s family. Thank you for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor. Have a boogietastic day!

  2. Oh how I know what it feels like to be body tired been that far too often.
    I remember when Jess was a child at times her friend Maz would come to see if she wanted to go out and play and Jess would say sorry i’m grounded, she wasn’t she just didn’t want to hang out.

  3. Sorry I haven’t left a comment lately, but I’ve been having a lot of therapy after my back surgery and I guess I just haven’t been up to par lately, but I did want to stop by for a minute and thank you for rockin’ along with us. Your the best! Also, thanks for the introduction to these tunes… they’re new to me, but hubby says YOU ROCK! ~HEHEHE~ He was listening again! hahaha Have a great weekend my friend!

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