Random Tuesday -Honestly, the most random today; my brain hurts

Stacy Uncorked


  • Sometimes I look at the online police statistics and for a while, whenever there was an “animal incident” near my house, I worried somehow my dog got out. I sometimes still have that knee-jerk reaction, even though we no longer have pets.
  • I recently started listening to (another) Swedish band named Avatar. Their lead singer puts on clown-like make-up and, surprisingly, I am not too squicked by it. I have a mild case of coulrophobia.untitled-shoot-001-2-1
  • In undergrad, I took a speech class where we had to speak about two things; one informative and one persuasive. For my persuasive, I convinced people to be straight-edge (LOL; like I ever was!) but for my informative speech, I talked about the fear of clowns. At the time, like, 1999, I found the SCARIEST clown pic on the internet. It was black and white, grainy, and the clown had pointy teeth and a pig nose. I cannot find it today.
  • I pondered this on twitter yesterday: Do teenaged girls still plaster their walls with pictures of boys they like? Do they still even buy posters? I told my kids this story, because we’d been watching Full House: I once traded a picture of Patrick Swayze, in the locker room at a summer camp, for a picture of John Stamos. It felt like bartering precious metals.
  • I got very little done at work yesterday but today I’m killin’ it. I have been working steadily for nearly two hours. Pretty proud of myself. I thought maybe as I got older I’d just sort of accept the drudgery of work but no, some days are great and I feel like an actual productive employee. Which in turn makes me better at home.
  • It helps that I am finally not tired. I fell asleep in my armchair by 9 last night, woke around 10:30, and sort of dozed for 30 minutes. Then I went to bed for real and when I woke up, I actually felt refreshed!
  • I’m selling – or rather, my daughter is selling – Girl Scout cookies for the first time and you know, it is like they say: they really do sell themselves!
  • gs cookies

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday -Honestly, the most random today; my brain hurts

  1. Oh… Girl Scout Cookies always go on sale when we are supposed to be dieting after the holidays. Always!! LOL

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