Random Tuesday – Rehashing a post never posted, some THINGS, and one funny pic

Stacy Uncorked


  • All I want to to do is listen to Ghost… and talk about Ghost… and watch videos of my beefy boy Aether and sassy hips Swiss Army. (I know you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Listening to this band isn’t just a quick pop song and you’re out. It’s an entire culture; a fandom.)
  • It’s definitely a week for my Endoflex, the essential oil I use for hormone balancing. I am angry and randomly emotional and blah.
  • Admittedly, I had a mental melt-down last Tuesday night – it hit me kind of suddenly. I was talking to my husband about our heater issue and I just started losing it. Crying and all blah. BUT, I felt ten times better the next day!
  • I am so damned happy to see the sun though, even though it comes at the price of being cooler. At least it’s dry. The endless rain for, like, four days was unbearable.
  • One nice thing is that we’re eating at the fancy smancy buffet on campus today that is strictly for members. Those kind of people are usually boosters or hardcore fans of the college. And the food is AMAZING.
  • I met my son’s class at the theater right next door to work to see the Nutcracker ballet last week. I went last year and I was excited to go again. It was a great performance, though lackluster compared to the year before. They cut one entire scene and I wonder if they just didn’t have enough people.
  • Have you heard the radio (or Spotify) commercial for Groupon? Thanks, I hate it.
  • We decided on a candidate for my retiring boss’s job. He seems really nice but also, competent. I do hope he will accept our invitation to come work here because the second candidate was a TRAIN WRECK.
  • There’s so much drama going on at work. Most of it doesn’t really involve me but it’s fun to watch from the sidelines. I mean, people are about to flip a table when they find something out – I’m just waiting for the email to drop like so:MJ
  • I’ve reached that part of Christmas shopping where I FEEL like I have purchased SO MUCH but then, it doesn’t seem like enough.
  • I am still overwhelmed by this cough that I cannot get rid of. I am sure the cold in my home last week when the heat was broken didn’t help in the healing process. Then it rains, gets cold, then goes back to low 40s/mid 60s. I’d personally be ok with some low 70s. Tired of being cold.
  • Last week, a kind TA from the department gave me a bag with 4 homemade cookies in it. My boss gave me hers too so I put it into my work bag and took it home. Last night, my dog decided he wanted to partake in the holiday cheer and rooted around for said cookies and, well, ate all of them. Oddly enough, he never got sick or anything.  We’ll see if there’s any lasting effects though. I am suspect. Either that or he has an iron stomach.
  • A professor I work with gave me a 25 dollar gift card to my grocery store. Um, score and merry Christmas!
  • And one more for fun:


2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Rehashing a post never posted, some THINGS, and one funny pic

  1. I’m still at the I haven’t bought enough. Hoping to feel better about it after the weekend. I totally agree with the crowd thing.

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