MMMM + Work crisis, living nativity, and scissors

So, my friends, it is nearly 1 pm and I am just now sitting down to blog. I normally start way before this but at work, we had a major snafu happen on Friday – namely that some people whose job is to give number projections – didn’t give us accurate info. So we were forced to rearrange the grad students’ courses so we can offer the right number of classes and so everyone can have a job! It’s been a huge undertaking – one I am actually not yet finished with – but I have a minute to type.

The weekend was… good. I took a half day Friday (despite the work issue) and had lunch with Ash kind of late after the A/C guy fixed our heater. We then did a bit of shopping and got home right before the kids. I was so happy for the heat to be on after 2 days of cold and also, to just sit in my house. I did get motivated and took the boys to get new cleats and while out, Ash told me how we’d been invited to the living nativity at the church half a mile from us. The only reason I agreed to go (because I was really excited about just sitting in my chair all evening) was that we went with friends whose boy scout connection got us out of waiting in a line that took 1-2 hours – for a 5 minute drive through the scenes! It was worth it though because it was the most hardcore living nativity I have ever been to. Hundred people at least involved in making it look like actual Bethlehem. It was impressive.

On Saturday, we had back to back soccer practices, then we went to eat and to the lumber mill where we got firewood. Lazy in the afternoon. Watched Edward Scissorhands with the kids. I cannot believe we’d never shown it to them! Tim Burton AND a Christmasy movie. It’s such a good love story.

Sunday was ugly: cold and rainy. But I wanted to be motivated so I made big breakfast then got laundry going. I was a little mad at the kids and also, my husband because he was being lazy. I left for the store in a huff but when I got back, was pleasantly surprised that he’d begun installing a couple towel racks – a task we had been putting off. I was so happy! We didn’t do a whole lot in the afternoon and I was happy for it. We did enough small stuff though to make me feel productive.

It’s super cold here today and we have a departmental gathering at 4 in our building’s courtyard. Yeah, good idea! UGH. So on top of everything, my cousin, who I do like and respect, put out a facebook post about how he doesn’t “get” Ghost! Now I understand the way he feels because lord knows there are a lot of bands/groups where I feel the same way. Radiohead for example. Utter shit in my opinion but some people love them. Same for Bruce Springsteen. No thanks. But come on – Ghost is where it’s at. I told him I’d defend my Ghost boys to the death so the thread is going on and on. Heh heh.

OK SO, Let me post a Christmas song and a Ghost song, since you know, that’s my M.O.

I used to really dislike this one but it grew on me. Also, I’m actually not that fond of snow.

OK, now for your weekly Ghost offering:

So good, you guys.

2 thoughts on “MMMM + Work crisis, living nativity, and scissors

  1. I’ve never heard of Ghost. I mentioned this to my daughter who simply looked shocked and said, “Mother!~”
    Okay, now I have heard of them. But I tend to stay devoted to the past and The Beatles, Pilot, David Paton, and an assortment of 70s hits.

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