Random Tuesday – Almost outta here, games, sickness – the usual

Stacy Uncorked


  • YUP, the last day before Thanksgiving break! I am ready for some time off. And that strikes me as odd, since we had five days off for the hurricane and then we were gone one entire week for Mexico. I should not be hurting for time. But time to just relax and eat? And catch up on stuff? Hell yes.
  • The last hours before a vacation seem to drag on forever. None of my boss type people are here today so it’s a weird afternoon. I COULD technically leave right now and no one would know.
  • At dinner last night, I was surprised to hear my mom say that they were honestly considering buying a home in another country to get away from all our political BS. I hope she isn’t too serious, as it would be difficult for us to go visit them. I hope it was just the wine talking. I mean, you have to balance your life and if moving away from that stuff is more important than being a part of her grandchildren’s lives then I worry for my parents’ sanity. LOL.
  • I’ve been playing Design Home on my phone and I really love it. In order to submit your designs, you have to have keys and you can get them from daily rewards or by voting on others’ designs. It brings me joy to look at the two and choose the one I think needs more votes – not necessarily the one I think is the better design. I wonder if other people do that too.
  • We have a TA in the department from China. She is very quiet but also super polite and kind. She has, for the past 5 years, given me a Thanksgiving card. Every. Year. I think she interprets that a little differently than we do, as we typically don’t give cards at this holiday. I think it’s really nice.
  • My kids are home for a bit today until I can get there but my oldest is SO mad because I will not allow Fortnite. I let them play yesterday then when I got home, they were total punks. I swear that game has mind control abilities and it makes them into weirdo zombies.
  • I have been slowly getting better but I wake up every day feeling sort of dry, then the congestion hits and I spend three hours blowing my nose. Today, I feel chilled and every time my shirt slides on my skin, it makes me shiver a little. It’s a weird feeling and though I don’t feel “lay down in bed” awful, I am still not right. This sickness has been super irritating.
  • Well, that’s about all I have. I hope to blog a little over the break but if not, have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Almost outta here, games, sickness – the usual

  1. Thanksgiving time off was hopefully less stressful than the time off due to the hurricane. 😉

    What a sweet gesture, the TA giving you a Thanksgiving card all these years! 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better!

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