Wednesday – Looks gray and it actually is cold

Well, ok, it’s in the 50s but for Floridians, that’s chilly. I know people in Central Florida who get chills when it’s 60s but they’re crazy. Low 50s and windy? That’s jacket-worthy weather.

As an aside, have they always named winter storms? I obviously know about hurricanes but it seems my weather app is always announcing named winter storms. I dunno.

I have a mug of steaming water with essential oils I’m inhaling today but I still cannot breathe out of my nose. Welcome to Fall/winter!

I don’t have a lot going on right now, surprisingly. I guess with all the craziness of the October hurricane, Ash traveling, then us traveling out of the country, I have been to the peak of insanity and then now, we are trying to settle back into the mundane everyday life. It’s nice but also, difficult to adjust to. You know how you put your mind into high gear and then with not too much to do, you feel… empty? I guess maybe this might just be me.

To prepare for the eventuality of Christmas, I have begun shopping. I do not plan to buy a lot this year but I want meaningful things. Elliot is finally getting a real bed. Since we disassembled his old one before we moved, he’s been sleeping on the floor on a twin mattress! I am planning to get him a full size mattress and bedframe. He’s going to flip when he finds out, too. He’s wanted one forever but since we’ve put it off, I think he gave up. The thing is, at his age, he doesn’t want a lot. Xbox gift cards? He’s outgrown toys, sadly.

Even Isaac this year may have started to phase out toys, though he is not beyond playing with them when asked to. I mean, when I kick them off Xbox. He still harbors some of that little kid imagination; Elliot lost his far before this age. He was like, 7, when he stopped playing. Which is crazy. Kids these days…

Anyway, that’s it for now…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday – Looks gray and it actually is cold

  1. Naming winter storms is something pretty new. I think The Weather Channel started it as a way to remain relevant, and the National Weather Service picked up on it and made it more or less official.

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