Random Tuesday – Deeeeep thoughts…

Stacy Uncorked


  • I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how music goes in cycles. It’s always changing, sure, but it also cycles back around. Remember in the late 90s when swing music made a brief come-back? They opened bars for dancing and bands like Squirrel Nut Zippers and Cherry-poppin’ Daddies got popular for a hot second. So I wondered if we’d see a real true rock and roll resurgence. Or heck, even a hair metal come-back. I watched this video
    wherein they basically say what killed it was people not tapping into the blues anymore. Everything became autotune and the humanity of the music died. With the exception of people like Adele, no one is taking risks on emotions anymore. Doesn’t that say SO much about who we are as people?
  • The other night while watching TV, I had an idea. On SiriusXM radio, they have decade-specific stations: 30s-90s. Then everything else (because new music sucks). But so I wondered why they haven’t come up with decade-specific TV channels. Imagine an 80s channel: all the old game shows (yes, people have Game Show network but that’s not enough), reruns of sitcoms, dramas, music videos (Mtv is dead) and then documentaries too like the ones they’ve play on the NatGeo channel. So though some of this exists, it could all be in one place. I’d pay for channels like that!
  • So apparently, Saturday was the first day of Fall. In Florida, that means little, but the morning was actually cool. Really looking forward to temps dropping off a little here. Fall just feels so different, especially as the weather changes and the leaves fall. I haven’t lived through all the seasons yet in this house so I am looking forward to all the little things about them.
  • I have a friend who wants to get more involved in the 2020 election. He, like myself, feels that it’s a shame that if you aren’t on the Left, you’re been all but silenced recently. It’s like there’s a proverbial closet we’ve been forced into. Now he wants me to also get involved and I am debating it. I don’t know what I’d do but I am tired of hiding how I feel.
  • I have to come up with a good anniversary gift for my husband. He is making me something – and it’s a surprise – though I have a couple ideas. I think it’s either a nice Adirondack chair OR giant Jenga. He is working with our friend’s father, who is a woodworker. So I want to get him something that is creative. I am doing Project repat for Christmas I think so maybe just a beer kit for this one? We haven’t brewed in quite a while!

OK that’s all I’ve got and I need to get home so see ya!

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