Random stuff/observations

  • I just had the most sudden and intense yearning for Hawaii. Not Oahu but the Big Island, which was less… congested. The “big” cities weren’t even that big. Everything was sort of calm and quaint. I know we are taking a sort of vacation at the end of October but I would much rather just go to a beach and chill. I need a break!
  • Ash picked Elliot up from flag last night and saw what I was telling him: every parent who stays through practice sits in their car. We’ve been playing kid sports for a good seven years now and usually, if parents don’t just drop off, they get out their chairs and sit. Some read or do work and others chat amongst themselves. I wonder if it has anything to do with a.) this side of town and the kind of middle-upper class people or b.) could it be the tensions due to politics? Are people less friendly/social?
  • want to stay away from the political goings-on but I can’t because it’s just such a shit-show here. I feel like I HAVE to work through some of the ideas revolving around this Kavanaugh accusation. In fact, I posted a link to this woman’s break-down and analysis of the first letter, discussing how she didn’t feel Dr. Ford wrote it, based on the language, the usage issues, and other variants. This is an “educated” woman who has been published multiple times. There’s pretty much no way she penned such a skill-less piece of trash. I also feel like it’s fairly obvious that this isn’t actually about women who have survived actual assaults. This is a clear power grab and I’m fairly disgusted that people who ride the #metoo train use that idea as a catalyst. Anyone who has been in a sexual assault situation should be offended that the party is crapping all over their truth. I’m also really saddened by people I know who keep posting that it’s all about women and their pain. It is most certainly about something else entirely.
  • I’m thinking about writing an essay/article about surviving working at a University as a Conservative. My problem is finding an outlet to publish it. I mean, the publishing business is rife with close-minded liberals and I cannot imagine there’s a wealth of opportunities. But let me get it penned first and then find the publisher, I guess.
  • I just spent about ten minutes trying to remember and research which B&B we stayed at in Volcano, Hawaii. It was called Aloha Junction, fyi. It was driving me crazy I could not remember!
  • I had to give up on two of my favorite romance authors (I know I wrote about ditching one because her books became full of clonking you over the head with feminism and consent narratives – ew) but the other is just out of control on twitter. I still can’t understand how such “intelligent” people can be so stupid and clueless about what seems logical and sensical.
  • One of my goals for the (super busy weekend) is to get some more fall decor going. I brought out some of it but I really need to get into that Fall Feeling. You know what would help? Cooler temperatures!!

2 thoughts on “Random stuff/observations

  1. Don’t get me started on the Senate Judiciary Committee. All I’ll say is that for people who have sworn to preserve, uphold and defend the Constitution, damn few of them appear to have read it, much less comprehend it.

    1. Truth! I’m amazed at how quickly rules get tossed out the window when money and/or emotions are involved. Her story has more holes than swiss cheese and should not hold up in a court of law.

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