Catching up and what’s keeping me alive

One day at a time – that’s my motto. And if I don’t stick by it, I could very well drop the ball on just about everything. So yes, my week only had one free night: Monday. And I watched about an hour and a half of wrestling then promptly fell asleep.

Tuesday Isaac had flag so I took him and actually, it wasn’t bad. I sat in the car with the windows partially down and because a storm was coming, it was overcast and breezy and for once, not blazingly hot. I even dozed off for a few minutes!

Wednesday night, Elliot had flag practice but it was canceled only 8 minutes prior to start time and by then, we were stuck in traffic. So that night was a mess. He and I went to the store though so it worked out.

Last night was our busiest: Ash took Dakota to Girl Scouts then Isaac to flag then met me back at the school for Elliot’s cross country meet. This was the one at his actual school so that was convenient anyway. He got his very best time: 13:36. I believe his first meet was 15:46, then he got 15:00 then this one was way better. I picked up pizza then we all met back at home but all that stuff was exhausting.

I know Ash probably wants to go to the Northtown Get Down tonight – a pre-game festival type thing on our end of town – but I am just tired. And we both have to run tonight and I have to wash clothes. Neither boy has shorts for tomorrow’s first flag football games. I just can’t do too many social things anyway; I feel burned out.

I also feel really burned out at work – it’s been busy, so busy. Like, all day every day is just jam-packed. I go home feeling like  a zombie! Luckily, I have good music for my commute and I’mma share some songs with you now. A couple covers and a song I used to hate but now like.

One thought on “Catching up and what’s keeping me alive

  1. I remember those crazy days, where you meet yourself coming and going to the schools. Just remember to find a little time at the end of the day, sit down and breathe and maybe have a small glass of wine.

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