Random Tuesday – Honestly, just random crap today while I wake up

Stacy Uncorked


  • Not feeling 100% today and I cannot pinpoint why. I woke up about 30 minutes prior to my alarm going off and I felt like I was going to sneeze. It was the kind of feeling you can’t just ignore and go back to sleep. I was having a good/weird dream too. At the start, I was hanging out with James Hetfield and then I was going to an Alice Cooper concert by myself, for some reason. Then later, my husband showed up. I had only the briefest thought about hey, who’s staying with the kids while we’re here? In the dream, I had driven an hour to the show. Weird!tumblr_pf5oqvYuwv1r0367c_540
  • Smiley Papa Het. I’d really like for them to come anywhere near Florida. Birmingham is WAY too far to drive for a show. And they were in Orlando last year – with Volbeat! – but it was on my husband’s birthday and, well, his idea of a birthday gift is NOT seeing a band he doesn’t care about.
  • I saw a sticker on a car today that I had not seen since oh, around 2001/2002. It was one of those “terrorist hunting permit” stickers that came out after 9/11. Amusing but a serious throwback!
  • Have you had these La Colombe draft latte things? They are amazing! A little expensive ($2.65 or so for one) but they are really yummy.Draft_Latte_Variety_Pack_web1_large
  • On Labor Day, I made my son run with me, since he’d miss cross country practice with the day off school. It was by far his worst run ever. He was behind me (his slow old mom) the entire time and he whined and complained endlessly. Yesterday, he decided to run with me since XC was canceled due to lightning. He was in front of ME the entire time and looked so professional out there. LOL. Funny how attitude and a little more training can change a kid. Also, he’s young so it didn’t take long to condition him.
  • OK that’s it. I am overloaded with work and not particularly in the mood so it’s gonna be a struggle!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Honestly, just random crap today while I wake up

  1. $2.65 for a drink of some type doesn’t sound like a lot of money too me,just saying
    I had to wake Leo this morning which is often the case when he is here, he was tired all the way to school

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