Random Tuesday – I’ve been a bad blogger

Stacy Uncorked


  • Yeah yeah, I know, I haven’t been around much. Life has gotten busy™ around here and I can’t seem to get myself on track. Though I am feeling a lot more in control today. Maybe it was all that wonderful time off.
  • Let’s do a quick and dirty long weekend recap. Half day Friday: Ash and I went to Flying Bear for burgers and a beer, then we went to McGowan’s for a flight each. We then went home and got in a nap. Well, Ash did. The kids came home so I went downstairs and then napped in the chair. We then went out to hibachi to celebrate Elliot’s 11th, which was on Wednesday last week. Good times, though maybe a bit much for my stomach.
  • Saturday, I ran a 4 miler – and felt really good – and then we cleaned in the house. Ate our leftover hibachi, watched some movies, and generally hung out, enjoying the 3 day weekend. I had a list I worked off of and though I did not get to Academy for some shirts, I got almost everything else done. Success!
  • Sunday, I did not run but I did mow. Ash ran almost 9 so he was pretty beat. We ate at home, cleaned, did laundry, and in the afternoon, Elliot went to football. His coach is running 2 hour practices! He was pretty worn out.
  • Monday was my run day and Elliot went with, since without school, he’d miss a cross country run, but he had a rough go of it. I was holding a steady 9:45-10:00 pace but he was dragging. For lunch we hit up a Mexican place for dollar tacos and then we chilled before the evening and watching the FSU game. We kind of suck; it’s a newish team and a new coach. They have some kinks to work out for sure.
  • It’s funny to read about people whose kids are just starting school. I believe this week is the fourth for my kids. They’ve gotten into their routines, gotten good about communicating their locations to me, since they are doing some aspects of to and from on their own. I have been super proud of them too; really stepped up to take on those responsibilities.
  • Yesterday was so weird: I slept like garbage the night before and then woke up dizzy, nauseous, and sweaty. I was like that for a good two hours but started feeling OK once I downed some dry cereal and water. It was very strange and I couldn’t really explain it. My guess is that I just didn’t drink enough water the day before.
  • It wouldn’t be My Blog™ if I didn’t make at least one political comment so I am a wee bit worried about the Florida race for governor. The Dem candidate was our mayor and did some shady shit while here. I can’t imagine it’d get much better as governor. Let’s hope people make good choices come November. Think of our economy; that’s all that matters.
  • On a more positive note, being off work for three and a half days really helped me decompress and mostly because I stayed out of the news. None of that matters. I was more concerned about my home and family. And that, my friends, is what is truly important.

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