Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know I’m still here, just super busy. It’s been A WEEK; FSU classes began and in my capacity, I have to deal with a lot of fall-out from courses and all that. But here we are: Friday, leaving soon. Ash and i typically see a movie but I think we might just eat some food and go to McGowan’s for beer. I absolutely love my side of town for this reason: nice places to eat and drink.

I am also SO thankful for a three day weekend. So much has gone to crap in my house with our insane schedules for the kids’ activities, etc. There are clean and dirty clothes just laying on this one couch and it is driving me crazy!

I also look forward to just relaxing. There’s something so freeing about a three day weekend: the Sunday blues aren’t as prevalent!

Anyway, I have to head out but I hope everyone is doing well.

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