MMMM + Good weekend and now, why am I here?

I hate when I get to work and DON’T want to be there. I enjoy work and don’t detest it the way some people do. But whenever I have a good, productive yet relaxing weekend, I have zero interest in switching gears.

Alas, I must and here I am.  So yes, weekend. On Friday, my plan was to leave around 11:15 but I got a call from the middle school clinic and I had to go to Ell’s school with meds for his poison ivy. Within one week, I am already friendly with the school nurse. Sigh. But that was ok because I got home and Ash and I went on to our lunch/movie date. Sadly, Mile 22 was nearly unwatchable so we walked out. Crazy right? I paid for that. But it was just blah. But that’s ok; we had cleaning to do at home. Ash had some friends over Friday evening to hang out and play video games.

On Saturday, we all ran and then Ash took Dakota to a birthday party and the boys and I went to lunch then had frozen yogurt before getting Elliot a hair cut. All in all, a nice day. I literally napped on and off all afternoon.

Sunday was super productive. Ash ran and we cleaned the pool, mowed, and got the garage cleaned out. It had been cleaned but then we had to get a new water heater so the storage closet in the garage had to be emptied… out into the other area.

I spent the evening watching a wrestling pay-per-view. My Deano is back and worried about his wrestling boyfriend. (I joke; his tag team partner.)tumblr_pdqf75Kwe51u75mveo1_540

I can see his wedding tattoo in this picture and it warms my heart. LOL. So happy for his wife who, last week, became the first woman to call an entire episode of Monday night Raw.

So yeah, that was my weekend and now, onto the music.

I stumbled across this song by Grim Reaper, who I only even knew about from – I believe – a youtuber I like. He did some kind of video about their early albums and I liked the song “Lust for Freedom”. I like this song, though I think some of the melodies are a little discordant too.

And now, a great Judas Priest song. I’m playing it today because over the weekend, when I was working my way through some songs on Guitar Hero (Love that game but it kills my hands) my husband actually said he liked it. Hard getting him onboard with my music.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Good weekend and now, why am I here?

  1. I do not miss the days of raising my son. Well, except maybe for watching him play Guitar Hero; I was introduced to some great music (like Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames) through that game. Of course that was years and years ago. A little puzzled by the Grim Reaper song – is it just a “ballard” that isn’t like their usual stuff? Because it wasn’t very “grim reaperish”. Now, Judas Priest, on the other hand….hope this week goes better for you!

  2. I think it’s comical that you have to get your husband on board with the harder rock music. Just keep plugging away at that game, he’ll come around eventually!

  3. Claire,

    I’m sorry for the late visit. It’s been one of those weeks. Phew!

    Your weekends are always so full. There are times that I miss when our kids were small but you know I’m happy to have that part out of the way. The reality of it all is that raising kids is hectic and stressful but thankfully all I truly remember is the warm, fuzzy stuff and how darn sweet our kids were. 🙂 Oh boy, poison ivy! That’s such awful stuff. I’m VERY allergic to it and would get it almost every summer when I was really small. The last time I recall getting it was in my sophomore year of high school. We went on a field trip in biology class picking up leaves and plants. When we got back inside I held up a plant and asked my teacher what this planet is. Squinting, he said that’s poison ivy. I pushed my chair back from the table to get far, far away from it but the damage had been done. You see, I used that very planet as a fan while walking around. The next day, my face and eyes were swollen (nearly shut). I looked like a Cabbage Patch Doll. Talk about misery! I was out of school for a week and had to go to the doctor every day for two shots of penicillin. I might have been given something for the itch but it still bothered me.

    Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me and for the introduction of these two songs. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

    1. Yeah, his was on both cheeks and it looked like bad acne! Luckily, we discovered the hair dryer trick: hold it onto the places you itch the most almost until it burns then pull away. It “scratches it” without actually touching and spreading the oil. Then it goes away!

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