Random musings – this week is insane

  • After one entire week of the kids’ new schedules, I think I feel a little better about it all. They seem to be getting the hang of it just fine. Elliot has really stepped up as the almost 11 year old and I am so proud. He’s really impressed me.
  • Gearing up for the semester to begin; spent most of the morning rearranging the mail room for our grad students. It’s a lot of work and I hate it but it’s done.
  • Did you see that they removed the cages on the front of the Animal Crackers box? Look people, not everything has to be changed. Not everything actually has consequences. If the drawing on THE box of a kid’s snack bothers you, I suggest you get some hobbies. Find music. Take up glass blowing.  Start doing martial arts. SOMETHING. Because in the grand scheme of things – I’m looking at you PETA – that doesn’t matter one iota.
  • I was looking at my work ID card – my FSU card – and noticed the issue date was 2011. That was the year I got a new one to replace the old one I was still using from my undergrad days. It seems so weird how I remember this one situation: I walked with my friend, Adam and Eric, over to the card store. They were two of the TAs who worked here and oddly, two guys of disparate ideas, politically. Yet that never stopped them from being friends. This means a lot to me these days, seeing as how everyone is so divided. I miss both those dudes tremendously; we had really good conversations.
  • On that note, I miss pre-election years anyway. Things seemed simpler back then.
  • I got a call from Isaac’s tackle coach and since not enough kids signed up for the team in our area of the city, they lumped them in with another team… whose practice spot is not that close to the house. In fact, it’s closer to where we used to live. Sigh. Always something!!
  • As an addition to my stress about getting Isaac to his practices, Elliot managed to make the cross country team. So now he has that 5 days a week, meets on Thursdays. I am so very proud of him but at the same time, SO BUSY!
  • OK, I’m battling a massive headache so I’m off to plow through some work. Peace out!

One thought on “Random musings – this week is insane

  1. Busy, busy! I’m with you all the way about the Animal Crackers. You know, the box was like that when I was a kid (a zillion years ago!) and it didn’t make me an animal hater or a Circus hater. I shared my love for those cute boxes and yummy cookies with my daughters and now my grandchildren. Ah well, no one asks me what I think about these things. If they did, things would be much easier in this world!
    I’m babysitting Savannah this week as her old Private School Daycare begins their new week four days before the Public Schools open. I so wish she could have stayed in the Private School, but they can use the extra cash for house repairs. Now we just have Quinn in all day Daycare at the Private School.

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