Random Tuesday – First week jitters, good new beer, and my baby returns

Stacy Uncorked


  • And when I say baby, I mean my favorite wrestler. Dean Ambrose is back and my heart is aflutter. This man…I am telling you. (The beefy man on the right. He cut his hair but I’ll live. He’s back and buff and looking for vengeance.)tumblr_pdgbb7LNKK1wafyf8o1_540
  • Last night we decided to go out for pizza to talk to the kids all about their first day. We ended up at Decent, because they do a 2 for 1 beer deal on Sunday-Tuesday if you order a medium or large pizza. They had this beer on tap and man is it good.
  • mia-mega-mix-featured
  • Seems like all three kids had good first days. Elliot really likes changing classrooms in middle school and only dislikes one teacher upon first impression. He did fine on the bus of course. I don’t worry about him hardly at all. He has 3 friends at his stop already and is perfectly capable of figuring everything out.
  • The other two did fine as well. When I dropped Isaac off, he found some boys he knew and even Dakota seemed happy. She reported back that kindergarten does indeed have “centers” for playing like in VPK. This was what she cared about. They rode the bus home and I waited at the stop for them. This morning, I waited in the AM but from here on out, Ell will wait so I can be to work on time. We’re getting the hang of it and truthfully, I am probably more worried than they are.
  • This month is always so disjointed and somehow, every year, I am surprised by it. I need to learn to roll for the August punches a little better.
  • I know once we hit early September, everyone will be used to the routines and I can work without thinking about the kids often and wondering if everyone is ok.
  • I need to make a long list of all the stuff I have to get done this week because it’s A LOT and I cannot seem to wrap my brain around. Doesn’t help that I have an intense headache too.
  • Are you looking forward to anything right now? I feel like I’m just floating along right now, doing work, watching TV, taking care of family. But not really into anything. Entertain me and tell me what’s coming up for you!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – First week jitters, good new beer, and my baby returns

  1. Glad the kids had a good first day of school – love it when they make friends right away. And I hear you – I’ll be doing the worrying the first few weeks before I can finally relax a little. 😉 The kids don’t start for two more weeks, and as of tomorrow (Monday), the hubby is on his summer break from the technical college he teaches at (crazy how late their ‘summer break’ starts – he’ll be home and underfoot until the third week of September! Better make some Honey Do lists…heh!)

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