MMMM + Just sort of floating

When I walked out of work on Friday around 11:45, I was in that “peace out, see ya never” mindset. I was just sort of DONE with this place. But sometimes it’s like that. You just need a damned break.

Ash and I decided to check out the fancy new movie theater. The food was pretty tasty, though the pizza is clearly of the frozen variety. My quesadilla didn’t taste frozen and heck, they have a full bar with lots of good beers too. So this is promising as an alternative to the AMC, that is kind of far and expensive.

We had a bit of time after so we picked up Elliot’s middle school schedule (!) and then got them all from school/camp. Last day all around! Dakota will never go back to that preschool and the boys are done with camp for a year. In fact, they both had tears in their eyes when they got in the car because 2 of their favorite coaches aren’t coming back next summer. After we took everyone out for hibachi for Dakota’s birthday and dropped Ell off at a friend’s house, our night was pretty low-key because Ash has the same sickness I had last week; sigh.

In fact, Saturday is kind of a blur. I know I got up and ran then ran the robot in the pool. I picked up all slack because he just didn’t feel well at all.  I took Dakota to a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon then finally got some time to relax. Sunday was more of the same of that: cleaning, working in the house, etc. Ash felt slightly better but not much. I mowed the lawn then took Dakota up to the new school for a special Kindergarten splash party thing. Soon after, Isaac had a friend come over for a while. So all in all, a busy and productive weekend but I am thankful to be in the office today. Originally supposed to have all 3 kids but since Ash stayed home, so did they. (He was actually supposed to go out of town but obvs did not. Not complaining!)



OK, it’s freebie week and in honor of my recent foray into Guitar Hero: Metallica (I’m not great at this game but it’s fun to pretend to play guitar).

and a great Diamondhead cover:

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Just sort of floating

  1. Clare,

    Too bad the hubs wasn’t feeling his bestest. That’s no fun when the hubby is down on the weekend. Actually, being sick is never a good thing no matter when it happens. Hopefully, he’ll be back to his old self soon. I’m not a gamer or metal head but I appreciated the boogie time with you because who can’t dance to guitar mewsic? Have a great week!

  2. Good choices for this week! And congrats on getting started in the music gaming. Have you considered playing RockBand? Believe it or not, RockBand is part of what inspired me to do my music blog. After playing online and bs’ing with the other players (we were telling lies and what not about the various songs and artists) I decided it would be fun to search out the ‘truth’ and write about it. The blog just sort of evolved from there. Thanks for joining in with the #4Ms today!

  3. Movies are just too expensive these days.. we usually wait until they’re on Tv or DVD. As far as those games my grandsons go nuts over them… and as far as Metallica… sorry not really a fan. Guess I’m still a golden oldies kinda girl, but I do listen to it anyway cuz Hubby likes them… so some are cool. Have a rockin’ week girlfriend YOU HAVE ROCKED THE HOUSE!

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