Random Tuesday – Kids and summer and musings

Stacy Uncorked


  • How in the heck is summer nearly over? At least in my portion of the country, kids go back Monday! This week we have to accomplish some doc appointments, orientations, and school supply shopping. It’s not fun but it’s necessary. Then it’ll be relatively back to normal!
  • We often get small frogs/toads in our swimming pool and I or one of the kids will fish them out with the skimmer. Sunday night I was taking Todd out around 11:30 and saw something frantically swimming along the side. It definitely did not look like a frog and it turned out to be a mole! He was maybe 3-4 inches long and I fished him out and tossed him over the fence. Kind of gross, to be honest. I’ll take frogs.
  • Yesterday, Ash stayed home with the kids and luckily, he was pretty much over the blah so they got quite a bit of yard work done. I love that they’ll do that while I’m here slaving. It makes me feel less…resentful.
  • I’ve got them all in the office today so think happy thoughts because they are already irritating the ever-loving crap out of me! It’s always ok for a little while, then they start whining that they’re hungry (i.e. bored) and then they start fighting. I hate that they sit on devices a lot of the day but I really just can’t take one entire week off to stay home with them. Ah, the perils of being a parents.
  • And oh, back to school shopping. I plan to do it Friday after Ell’s morning orientation. Seems like for middle school, they all basically want the same stuff: binder, dividers, and lots and lots of pencils. I always feel so put out by these lists though. The elementary one is even more comprehensive and though I get that teachers need these things, the actual acquisition of items is so stressful for me.
  • It’s funny how that Summer Feeling™ comes in full force when it gets warm and breezy and academic obligations are on hold. But then, when you see school on the horizon, that yearning for pool, beach, popsicles, and chillin’ seems to fall by the wayside. I’m truthfully starting to daydream about the first Fall Day. Except I just had a random image pop into my head about backyard grilling and being relaxed. Maybe it’s not over yet?
  • BBQ

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Kids and summer and musings

  1. Kids here went back to school on the 1st. They get out the Friday before Memorial Day. That’s a whole month more than it was when we came here in ’87. I don’t know if it’s because they think the kids will learn more stuff if they spend more time in school (I bet they don’t) or if it’s because they get so much time off during the year, not to mention snow days.

  2. Yeah we get those back to school lists and they can be so frustrating trying to find the right items,and some schools here you can only buy the uniform from the school as bloody expensive prices

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