Thursday catch-up

Man, I am just so busy this week that I am all-around TIRED. Like, exhausted. I fell asleep in my chair around 7:30 then woke long enough to put kids to bed at 8:30. I fell asleep again around 10:30 and woke by 11:15 to go upstairs to bed. This exhaustion is compounded by the days upon days of rain we’ve had and are still to come. It makes me want to crawl in bed. Admittedly, I am having a work week that also makes me want to hide from everything and my over-worked nature is leading to mistakes. Like, I write the wrong word here and there, I’m forgetting basic stuff (like my coffee this morning), and I am kind of sucky at Guitar Hero, even on easy mode where I normally rock. LOL. So yeah, life is a mess.

On that note, in the back of my mind all week, I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that for the last nine and a half years, we have been patrons of the same preschool. And tomorrow will be our very last day. Though I could still send her next week, I am going to save money and drag her along to work with me and her brothers. They’re off anyway so why not just go whole hog painful? Besides, we have various doc appointments and orientations so I may as well keep them with me. But making that break from a place that was such a large part of our lives is weighing on me. So too is the fact that since Elliot began at the in-home daycare when he was four months old, I have been carting kids to a place before work. It was a part of my morning commute. Come Fall term, I will no longer take anyone. All the kids will be riding the bus to school. Sure, I could still take the younger ones to school on my way in but it wouldn’t be very efficient. And the bus stop is close. SO, there’s that change too.

Elliot is going into middle school, which – I’m sure – will be fine but it also makes me nervous. So much new stuff! Lockers and moving classrooms and team sports and puberty! Ugh! I know it’ll all be just fine but as a parent, you know you look ahead and sort of dread the things that are inevitable.

This time of year is always a bit of a funk – mostly due to summer term where I work ending (having about 3 weeks without many people on campus to catch up and get ready for Fall) and then all the new changes. Once we find our stride into September, things are fine and normal, as normal as can be anyway. But it’s rocky getting there.


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