Random Tuesday – Let me tell you…

  • MAN, it’s been an interesting few days. Suffice to say, my husband had a bit of an issue, there was a scare, but everything is fine. I’m not trying to be cryptic but I’d rather not recount it.
  • I was “sick” all weekend; just a lot of head congestion, stuffy ears. Not that I felt particularly bad but it was just a pain in the butt. I ended up staying home yesterday but it was exactly the rest I needed. Ash stayed home as well so we just relaxed and laid low.
  • You know, sometimes life throws you a curve ball, sometimes stuff just happens and even though you thought you were in control, outside forces or even your own body, have different plans. And you just have to roll with it or else you’re really going to fail.
  • At the hospital, we ran into an old friend – ok, our old baseball coach – and it was awkward because a.) the last season sucked because she never pulled the pitcher when he was bad…and that was compounded by the fact that it was her son and b.) she left her partner and his 3 kids to date some other dude but like, we never talked about that – we found out through mutual friends. And I saw her ex at the store and he seemed pretty torn up about it. So yeah, living in a town that has under 200,000 people for 21 years, we just happen to know and see a lot of folks we know around here. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.
  • I have to cut this short because I’m busy but I just wanted to check in.

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