MMMM + Again, need a weekend for my weekend

Whew, busy. With the exception of Friday afternoon, I feel like I have been going strong for days on end. I ran home Friday afternoon and took the boys with me to the store; needed dinner and beach food. We left Saturday morning around 8:30 and took a different route to the beach, which turned out to be faster and much less crowded. Most everyone got there within 10 minutes of each other so we set up our tents and began the day. Great weather for about 4 hours but then the storm rolled in. No lightning so everyone was in the water during the rain. Fun!

When we finally wrapped up around 5, though two groups had left, the other 18 of us went to the Blue Parrot – finally! I have wanted to go there forever and we tried last year but ended up leaving because the wait was too long. They told us 45 mins but we definitely did not wait that long! Actually, the drinks helped. We usually drink all day at the beach anyway but I had one more – a Rum Runner – along with my shrimp tacos. Good stuff! Ash liked it too, which means we might be able to go back. I’d like to go back and sit outside to watch a sunset. It was still raining during our meal.


Anyway, we didn’t get back until 10 and everyone was tired. Ell went home with a friend and I know he stayed up late. Sunday, my friend brought his home and she and I met our other friend for lunch and pedicures. I still felt tired from the day before and I managed to squeeze in a 45 minute nap but I still had laundry and other cleaning to do.

I’m still tired today but I had a large coffee and I’m pulling myself up by the bootstraps, which is a very Ameircan thing to do so…


The theme is – of course – patriotic songs. So I picked some that make me feel good about this country. It’s the best one, after all.


You’d better believe I’d use this one. Every year I post it on the 4th on Facebook and NO ONE says anything. Somehow I think people are becoming less patriotic. Sad.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Again, need a weekend for my weekend

  1. Not sure if I left a message so what the heck… well such a busy weekend for you young lady, but it looks like you had tons of fun too & isn’t that what’s life is all about. Anyway… Hulk Hogan actually that was a pretty neat video I think I liked that one the best especially when he gave that baby the little flag. How cute! So it’s a toss up between the first & last song as to which one I liked the best… Anyway Happy Fourth have tons of fun, and most of all be careful out there! hugs

  2. Claire,

    Sounds like y’all had an excellent time with friends on the beach. I can’t imagine living in Florida especially during the summer. Whew, I don’t think I would make it through the heat and humidity. It’s bad enough here in East Tennessee and I know it’s a lot worse there.

    I love your country patriotic tunes and enjoyed Hulk Hogan’s vid! I don’t know much about Hulk Hogan but he seems like a real patriot. and interestingly, like NASCAR drivers I find that wrestlers, in general, are another patriotic group. NFL can learn a thing or two from these folks!

    You’re right, there are too many people in this country who do not appreciate the liberties given in their public display of disrespect for our flag and our society caters to non-English speaking people with prompts to continue in Spanish. These people need to learn the language of their new home like many proud immigrants before them did. There’s more evidence of patriotism slipping in this nation and if we’re not careful America’s freedom will be a thing of the past someday. People can’t see that coming but it’s staring us in the face.

    Thanks for rockin’ with the 4M gang. Let freedom ring loud and clear. Have a safe and fun Independence Day, my friend!

  3. Hi Claire,
    Hope you had a wonderful 4th. I imagine you did. Sounds like you all have fun just on a regular ol’ weekend… The beach trip sounds fun and especially staying in the water when it’s raining. I LOVE doing that!
    You picked some great songs. I really like Dierks Bentley’s “Home”. And Jason Aldean’s “Fly Over States” is another good one.
    I wasn’t familiar with the Hulk Hogan one but it’s good. Thanks for including that. I think there are several folks for whom Hulk’s video song will be new.

    Take the spirit of the holiday into your week. May all who you come in contact with still have that good ‘ol American pride!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. I made for certain to listen to “Real American” and yeah, that’s what living here is all about. Hate to be a sort of “love it or leave” type person… no, no apologies.

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