Random Tuesday – One week off blogging, vacation recap, of course it’s raining

Stacy Uncorked
  • I cannot believe that I took an entire week off blogging. It was a much needed break, however. I didn’t realize how stressed I had been, especially because of that month-long headache. Thank GOD that is finally gone! The first two days of vaycay I still took my ibuprofen but I had stopped the migraine med and then by Saturday, I was off everything. I don’t know if it was a change of climate or what but I feel much better now.
  • Although, and you don’t want to hear this, I had no mucus last week and my sinuses were very angry. Well now I have all the mucus. Sigh. If it’s not one thing it’s another.
  • So you want the quick and dirty vacation recap? Ok, let’s go. (1/3) Wednesday: drove to Orlando to meet Ash; ate On the Border and had my first beer in one week and four days. (It was delicious.) Thursday: decided to go to Legoland, though we’d originally not planned to until Friday. Totally worth it because it was not too crowded.  Kids got to do most rides, though rainy weather had some closed down. I feel like it’s a good park for the under 10 crowd; most stuff was geared towards that age group. I enjoyed some of the rides as well, though I’m a pansy. That evening, we went to Outback and I thoroughly enjoyed my steak and beer. Friday: went back to Legoland to do their water park, which was not the worst W.P. but also not the best. We had a good time though and I enjoyed the sunshine. We just did the grocery store for dinner then Ash and I chilled in a more hidden jacuzzi while the kids played in the arcade.
  • (2/3) On Friday, we decided to take it easy. Slow to get up, leisurely breakfast in the room, then we spent a few hours at the hotel pool. For lunch we ordered a pizza to the room then napped before heading to Disney Springs to walk around a bit. Ash and I had a beer he liked (and had during his conference week before we got there) from Tampa Bay brewing co. and then we hit up the Sprinkles cupcake ATM! It was supposed to pour (thought it didn’t) so we went to the Orlando Eye and did the aquarium and wax museum, because those are included in the awesomer Legoland pass. The sea life thing was ok but they had a cool little book the kids had to fill in with these embossing stamps. Now the Madam Tussaud’s did impress them. We went back to poolside later on that evening to play ping pong and chill. I had a nice relaxing time!
  • (3/3) Sunday was pack up the hotel and drive day. We took the kids about 30 mins east to my sister’s apartment where they’d be staying the night. Of course they had an amazing time because she let them eat whatever they wanted. LOL. Meanwhile, Ash and I drove back west to Tamp for Iron Maiden! Around 4 we met up with some folks we knew right after college, and who now live in Tampa, for dinner and drinks. Good times. After, we all walked down to the arena and parted ways. Actually, we were directly across the arena from our friends, just about two rows down. Good seats, considering I had floor standing tickets before I chose ones with the chairs and I am so glad I did! I hate standing during an entire show. Anyway, Ghost opened and man, what a great set. Ash didn’t like that he couldn’t understand the words but that’s that band. It’s more of a sound. I quite enjoyed them. Then, finally, I got to see the grandfathers of metal. I was in absolute metal heaven. And they sounded amazing. Ash – not being a big metal or Maiden fan – did like Bruce’s voice and his antics. The show was awesome and when I walked out, my ears were muted and my throat was shot. But so worth it. The next morning, we were up and out and on our way to get the kids. We had breakfast at Bob Evans and then retrieved the chillens before getting back on the road to go home.
  • Whew! What an action packed 5-6 days! I was so happy to get home, break Todd out of the vet, and start on laundry. Though I have to say, it was weird to be done and just sitting around. I was used to the go go go of life there for a bit.
  • My grass is SO long. I hope the rain lets up today so I can tackle that later today. Since we don’t have a self-propelled mower, it’s going to be a real bear. But I haven’t worked out in a while so that pushing will do me good.


What is your favourite way to spend the weekend? 

OK so basically, I’m on board with our host: coffee is number one. I usually roll out of bed and head right to the Kuerig to hit that ON button. Although I like to work in the morning- because I work best – I enjoy a little bit of leisure on a Saturday or Sunday. However, once my coffee kicks in, I like to get going. I do enjoy a large breakfast as well and most Saturdays, I make bacon, biscuits and eggs.  Then, I like to putter around the house and clean up. Three kids means a lot of mess. So my fave thing to do is get everyone on board with helping to clean up. They don’t like it so much but a tidy home makes me happy.

My most favorite way to spend the weekend is with a good balance of going out, eating good meals, and sitting in the sun. I enjoy time just chillin’ and listening to music and also, having some kind of activity to do. And also, I love just knowing I’m not at work.


5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – One week off blogging, vacation recap, of course it’s raining

  1. Sounds like a great holiday — phew! I’m rather tired, but it’s amazing how much we do cram into our “rest” time. LOL
    I am lucky being a stay at home mom that I clean during the week – not the weekend when they are all here and just destroy my hard work in about 30 minutes. Mondays are my cleaning day usually. And it’s great because I can play MY music in the house. Some times I think Monday is my actual weekend. LOL

  2. Glad your headache is finally gone – it’s so frustrating when a headache hangs around for days. Coffee always – perfect way to start any day but especially at the weekend as we can savour it, and yes the best thing about the weekend is no work. I did shift work for 20 years so I now love my weekends.

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