Triumphant return + MMMM

Not gonna lie: it is nice to be back in my office and unfettered. Last week, with my son here, I wasn’t really getting stuff done. It is nice and quiet (except for this music I am pumping) and I can finally get back on top of my game.

SO, our trip consisted of: driving out of Tally in the craziest storm I can ever recall. Absolutely zero visibility. Luckily, we outran it in about an hour. Our drive wasn’t bad, considering it was myself and three kids anxious to just be there. I appeased them with Wendy’s nuggets (we don’t normally eat fast food) so there was that. We made it to my parents’ and could begin relaxing.

Wednesday was dedicated to eating, drinking, swimming, and family time. My sister and Justin were over and we had dinner and played and it was just nice. I missed my husband, as he was at the Design conference, but still a good time.

Thursday was our busiest day, getting to Animal Kingdom around 10. The braver ones did Expedition Everest and the rest of us, Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Baby got to pet a goat! Since that park offers nearly nothing else of interest (ok, maybe the rapids ride is fun but not that early) we then drove over to EPCOT. We had fast passes for both Spaceship Earth and Test Track. But first, we ate at the Cantina. It was pretty hot that day but was overcast for the majority of it with a nice breeze. I was thankful for that! Around 5, we headed to Ash’s hotel to met up for hibachi dinner. I have to say, my kids were really good that day. We’d had so many late nights but they really held it together.

On Friday, Ash got back to us around noon and the afternoon was spent driving south to Palm Beach to see my aunt and grandfather. We got in around 4, were out to dinner at 6. The next morning, we went out for breakfast and then walked along the beach, collecting shells and just enjoying the ocean. My boys are used to the Gulf so it was nice. We swam briefly before going back for lunch and visiting with some family friends. Back on the road by 4:30 and back to Orlando by 7:45. A lot of driving! We got up the next morning and drove back home. I love vacation but coming home is excellent too – even if it does involve a literal ton of laundry.

So yeah, back now and catching up. I’m happy to get back to my routine and my blog and music!




Since it’s a freebie week, let’s talk dreams. Well, my dreams. Last night I had two weird dreams that woke me up and left me reeling. I can’t specifically go into detail but the first one involved Alice Cooper and a whip. It was… ODD. But, it left me singing this:


(I will say, the lyrics to both of these have, well, suggestive themes, but nothing out and out vulgar. Just want to make sure I am not offending anyone.)



The second dream had to do with seeing punk bands. Ash and I went to quite a few concerts back in the day and in my dream, we were talking about seeing Blink, which I never did but he did. So here’s a song we both liked.

6 thoughts on “Triumphant return + MMMM

  1. Sounds like a whirlwind vacation with miles and miles in the car, but glad you all had some downtime and fun! One of these days perhaps we can arrange to meet when you are back down this way (or we are traveling up that way!). I so enjoy meeting blogging friends in person!

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