In some kinda bad mood

Man am I punchy today. And sad. And distressed. All at once. For starters, I am mad at my husband. He didn’t really do anything wrong but if you are married, you know how it is. Sometimes they just annoy you. He tells me to let it go and maybe I should but my M.O. is to panic and keep talking about things and as a man, he just moves on. Maybe I should too.

Yesterday, I got a text from Isaac’s teacher saying his stomach really hurt. His belly tends to hurt sometimes but it is unlike her to text so I figured he was really in pain. Surprise! It’s just because at this time of the semester, they get all kinds of junk food and it’s having adverse affects on them. Oh well. I had extra time to get to the store and also, try to find a belt for Elliot. Oh wait, NO ONE SELLS THEM. I tried three clothing stores and no one had boys’ belts. Lame. So I guess he’s gonna make do with mine, which can be tightened to his waist. It’s for one hour out of his life – tonight for 5th grade graduation – so in the end, it won’t matter… I don’t think.

On that note, I really hate that his grad ceremony was scheduled for the exact same time as Dakota’s VPK program. We have to split up and I am going to his. Which is fine because Ash will film her’s with his good camera. But the timing sucks. And I cannot control it, so I should – again – let it go.

And on THAT note, I cannot control the weather either so the next FIVE days where it’s supposed to be crappy but we have plans, I have to remind myself that it’s simply out of my hands. But I keep looking outside and thinking about my boys, who both have outside fun activities outside. Le sigh. It’s so depressing! here’s hoping they stay dry for as long as possible. I want them to have fun! We only have a few days of school left!

I know if I can make it through today I will probably be alright. But I just feel stressed and out of sorts. Ugh. I’d really prefer a life that is a little more stable. And when I think that, I feel bad for not wanting the ups and downs because that is what makes life more well-rounded.

I had a meeting with my department chair this morning about a concern I had about a potential drop in money for me. BUT, I feel a whole lot better now because I think my exception will continue as usual. So in some ways, that has turned my attitude around. I must accept the things I cannot change and work on the things I can… which means I have a whole bunch of things to accomplish now.

In the meantime, I am watching my favorite youtubers’ old timelapses of storms and sunsets and currently making my own. Then I have five student conferences and then I go home to do the rest of my day with all THAT craziness!

Anyway, thanks for reading my whining; I am doing a lot better after getting stuff done and writing it out.

2 thoughts on “In some kinda bad mood

  1. My husband tends to make me crazy too. No one else can push my buttons like he does! Why is that? Today is a bad day for me too. One of my dogs was sick, husband complained, found I had forgotten a bag of groceries in the car and wiped out Hubby’s lunch meat! Ugh. He will kill me when he finds out.
    I used to think life got easier when you got older, and that is just not true at all. Oh well, I’m going to stop my whining too! Thanks for letting me get it out!

    1. Nice to know (thought not nice you’re in the same boat!) that I am not alone today. My day did get better but it started off just so bad. I did that with groceries not that long ago and that DOES suck. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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