Random Tuesday – vague memories, viewing, lightning bugs, kid woes

Stacy Uncorked


  • Do you ever remember moments from your life but the memory is kind of fuzzy? Like, details are not clear but you know it’s something that happened and you can’t remember context or other specifics. I thought of three this morning: my dad taking me to some guy’s ocean side apartment – I assume a friend of his who lived in Miami somewhere – and I remember the guy bending down to show me a handful of colorful Jordan almonds he was offering; going to Chuck E. Cheese and under the stage was a mouse hole that kids could go into. It was a slanted door and it went into a little crawl space where you could look and see the mouse character leaving the backstage area to go out to entertain; a local mall had an arcade and I remember it was called The Nickelodeon. I didn’t know that the TV station word meant something else so I was intrigued. The place had huge windows with big clunky drapes and it was at the end of an all-but-dead wing of said mall. It was a 70s mall too so the walls were brown/orange and stripey.
  • I don’t know why I feel the need to document these things but I’m guessing some day, my memory won’t be so good.
  • Do you watch any youtubers on a regular basis? I mostly watch political people rant about stuff but I watch one channel with two people who go to the Disney parks. I realize, though, that I like their home vlogs more than their theme park ones. I enjoy watching them go through the mundane tasks of home life, for some reason. I guess that’s why I enjoy blogging too – ones where people literally do this: detail their lives. Maybe I’m weird; I don’t know.
  • OMG, folks, I meant to tell you that Saturday night, I saw my first firefly of the season!! These are my favorite and I had a feeling I’d see more in this new home. I used to see some of that old house but we have a whole lot more open vegetation now and yeah, there were a ton right around dusk. ::HEART EYES::
  • For those of you with kids in the 10-11 year old range, do you have issues with them being total punks? My son isn’t BAD, but he’s been just sort of petulant. This morning, he woke up in a great mood and was on top of everything… until he did his last task: taking the dog out. When I walked into the kitchen, the dog was standing there, still on his leash. So I said, “Hey Elliot, did you forget something?” His reply, “No.” “Well, Todd is not in his crate.” My son says he is and goes back to his phone, which he is allowed to use once he’s done with chores. I tell him he’s not put away and my son loses his ever-loving mind. Elliot yells that he DID put the dog up and then walks in to see what I see. Instead of laughing or being like, “Oh crap, you’re right” he acted like it’s my fault for being mad at him. Really awkward and mind-bending, these kinds of situations. I probably should not have yelled but then I saw he didn’t lock the door behind himself either and I can’t have him straight up forgetting to do the important things because he’s rushing back to his phone. And he wasn’t communicating with anyone;  he was playing some mindless game. Not even the game he plays all the time. To me, this is really bad.
  • Sorry for ranting about kids but they are rough sometimes.
  • Anyway, that’s it for now!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – vague memories, viewing, lightning bugs, kid woes

  1. I write a few funny stories from my younger days (sometimes as much as 60 years ago), and as much as I’d like to think I remember the events I document exactly as they happened, I’m never quite sure whether I have all the facts straight, or if I’m combining two or more stories that just happen to happened around the same time, and whether that “around the same time” is within the same year or the same decade, and whether I’m forgetting important details that could change the entire story. That’s just the way it goes.

    I watch quite a few YouTube channels, most of which are not political.

  2. The older I get the more I want to document aka write down my memories and thoughts so they are not lost in the future because we have no idea what the future holds.

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