MMMM – Discombobulated at best

It is indeed one of those mornings where I thought I was on the ball but really, I was so far OFF the ball I’m just… over here somewhere. At the last second I forgot I needed to bring Dakota’s graduation gown to school so I threw it in with some other stuff already in the dryer to de-wrinkle. Except, when I took it out, everything was still wet. Which was odd because that other stuff had been in for at least 40 minutes and it’s a new dryer! So sigh. I will need to investigate further.

I have to admit to you all that I used like weekends but feel sort of relived when I got to work because it was quiet and the calm was really nice after all the kid stuff. However, I have changed my views quite a bit. These days, even if the kids are obnoxious, etc, I really enjoy my weekends. I love them. So then I have become averse to Mondays/work, which I never used to be. And that bothers me too because it sucks to dread work. Not the work itself but having to just be there. I alleviated some of my annoyance by asking for an official time change. I usually eat at my desk anyway so I asked to take a 30 minute lunch and leave at 4:30. Half the time I was doing this anyway but now I am legit.

So on Friday, I felt like trash. I was having sinus pressure and I was dizzy and just OFF. I told my boss I was going t leave by 2:30; I ended up going at 3:15. I went home to lay down but couldn’t sleep so I popped some Alleve and hoped to feel better. My husband had made dinner plans for us so we met a friend up at the pizza place and I will say, when I was drinking beer, I did feel better. But I mean, that’s par for the course. I fell asleep on the couch soon after getting home.

Saturday was super productive: big breakfast, cleaning in the house, pool cleaning, lunch, target, swimming in the afternoon, Publix, dinner, movie, board games, and then… I don’t remember. I think Ash and I were both reading.

We were less productive yesterday. Sort of a slow start to the day. We had lunch then went separate places for stuff. It was supposed to rain by noon but we got almost full sun until 3. So we swam and  I tanned and then we went in to chill while it rained the rest of the day. I made an amazing lasagna Sunday night and by then, we were all pretty worn and ready to be low key. After the kids went to bed we watched Annihilation , which I would not recommend. Kind of dumb and just a really stupid ending. I won’t give it away but they could have done a lot more.


OK, this week’s theme seems to be about remembering and forgetting so let’s start with the one our host’s one song reminded ME of:

and then one of my fave slow songs:

That’s it for today. Come back tomorrow for some RANDOM!

9 thoughts on “MMMM – Discombobulated at best

  1. Okay, I made a comment, and it said “Sorry your comment could not be posted”! 😦 BUMMER… Gonna try again here. Let’s see I said… Hubby was a keeper cuz he handled things quite nicely while you were laying on the couch, and your tunes were a great choice and you definitely ROCKED THE HOUSE! So thank you for joining us and let’s see if it works this time…

  2. Claire,

    I’m thankful my allergies have stayed at bay this season which is surprising. Usually, they hit pretty hard in the spring. I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll get a double whammy in the fall. I hope you’re feeling better today. It’s so hard to rebound when you have to take care of a family. That’s sweet your husband took care of dinner for you, though. Perhaps, you’re just feeling bummed out over being at work because of all the changes you’ve had on your plate in recent months. Maybe during your summer break, things will then fall into place once school starts again.

    Thanks for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor. It was nice chair boogieing with MJ’s “Remeber the Time” and then get all mellowed out with Michael McDonald. Have a great week, my friend!

  3. I so love Michael McDonald’s song! I wish I had thought of it. It’s wonderful to hear it again as it’s been ages!

    I know what you mean about hating Mondays. Before I became self-employed I actually started to get anxious and having that feeling of the Monday dread on Sundays. When late afternoon on Sundays would roll around I would start getting almost depressed because i knew my weekend was coming to an end. I’d get a pit in my stomach and then the rest of my Sunday was almost ruined because I dreaded Monday. In fact when I did become self-employed (in 1994), I had a policy that I didn’t work on Mondays. haha. I guess that Monday dread was probably a good indicator that I was much more suited to work for myself than working for other people.

    And here we are on Friday: so have a great weekend! And don’t get into that cycle that I got into, where the Monday dread actually ended up ruining half of my every sundays! 🙂

    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. Michael Jackson makes the absolutely best videos, and I loved the first few minutes of this one, cat and all! Michael McDonald’s song is one I remember oh so well. And, I don’t know why, but when I’m sinusy some wine does seem to help – I wonder if it dilates blood vessels or sometime similar. It’s not good when you start dreading the return to work, though. I suspect it’s s a message, and I hope you can do something about it. Take care!

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