Themes for today – nostalgia, Fleetwood Mac, never ending rain

  • Been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac lately, since they’re doing the special XM channel. I’ve enjoyed hearing the various stories by the members about the songs, the albums, the issues they had. I’m this close to buying a biography, since I’ve only really heard about all the crazy stuff that went down between everyone. And, not gonna lie, I want to read that dirt.
  • I have also felt nostalgic. I am mindlessly grading some assignments so I have tabs open to Pinterest and Google, just thinking about stuff I used to love. For some reason, I was reminded of American Gladiators. Man, I loved that show. What’s not to love about athletic competition and big muscly men?
  • It has rained aaallll week and I have had it. I always get depressed about rainy weather and then when I look at the forecast and it’s more of the same? I just want to cry. In fact, that’s how I feel today. I have a headache, my throat is swollen, and I want to cry.
  • I know that sounded really dramatic. Sorry. I guess I’m just at the end of a long week and tired, so tired.
  • Mostly because I am thinking about how BUSY next week is going to be. I’ve blogged about how May is always overwhelming but this one will be particularly crazy: VPK and 5th grade graduations (on the same night, OF COURSE), a trip to a local amusement park, beach trip, friend’s house for shooting practice. Then add all the other junk I have to do already!
  • I’m escaping with music and mindless facebook games, because I sure as hell am not partaking in any rhetoric on there. I know way too many people with dumb ideas and they stress me out. That said:scarecrow.PNG

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