Wednesday ‘Podge – Hallmark Holiday strikes again

1. When’s the last time you had a heart to heart talk with someone? A change of heart? Experienced figurative ‘heart failure?’

Easy: I had a change of heart on my political beliefs. Truth be told, I always believed in a lot of facets of what folks might consider “conservatism” but I hadn’t really thought about where I truly stood. I finally switched over and even changed my voter registration. All for the better, I believe.

2. Champagne, chocolates, flowers…what’s your Valentine pleasure? Any special plans for the day?

None. LOL. Something heartfelt is all I’d like and this year, we’re not doing much because of the whole house buying stuff. Ash and I are going to go to a nicer place we both like on Friday and that’s really all I need.

3. Are you a hopeless romantic or do you fall more in the category of practical and pragmatic? What’s a gesture you find romantic?

I am totally more pragmatic. For years I’ve been saying that a romantic gesture would be gifting me with something useful, like a vacuum. At this point in my life, I appreciate little things too – just small nods or acknowledgements of my accomplishments, big or small.

4. Do you ask a lot of questions in life or are you pretty content with what you already know?

I consider myself kind of a geek so I like to learn and you won’t get far if you don’t inquire.

5. Your favorite power ballad?

Y’all, if you have read my blog for any amount of time you know I love 80s hair metal and though most of them hated it, these bands were forced to have some ballads on their records. I love quite a few but here are two of my faves.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

So, remember last week when I mentioned that dog that my children almost saw get obliterated by a car on a busy road? Yeah, he lived. In fact, he was bouncing around our yard again this weekend and just as I went out front, his owner was collecting him. I told her my story, in hopes it keeps them a little more vigilant with his whereabouts. Poor creature.

I just had to tell you that because it made Dakota very happy; she was hysterical when he almost got hit.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘Podge – Hallmark Holiday strikes again

  1. My guess is that a lot of people have had a change of heart this year where politics is concerned! That poor pup! Some people should not be allowed to own pets. Enjoy your Valentines Day!!

  2. Tim and I do not do anything for Valentine’s Day because he says he doesn’t need a special day to show me he loves me but I think it would be nice once and a while to go out for the day

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