MMMM + After Thanksgiving debriefing

We didn’t go around our table and say what we’re thankful for (everyone was tired and hungry) but let me  be the first to say that I am thankful for going back to work. My little vacation was great but it’s always nice to get back into your routine – and the quiet. I am usually left alone until at least 9 am or so.

Anyway, it was a whirlwind week, honestly. As you know, last Sunday we went to the Jimmy Buffet concert, then my parents stayed in town to watch the kids and help get us ready. On Wednesday, I left with them, my oldest and my youngest to head down to Palm Beach. It wasn’t the worst drive; not a ton of traffic. My oldest kid  was a little obnoxious but I got him good with my nails in his calf once and he turned it around. LOL. Five people in a Camry for 6-ish hours can get a little overwhelming. We are used to being in a Pilot!

We got into town around 3:30 but had to make a pit stop at Total Wine (for beer of course) and then got to my Grandfather’s house. The afternoon went quickly and then we ordered Bud’s, which is basically fried chicken and seafood. I definitely ate too much but it was tasty. Something interesting to point out was that my oldest son, who is arguably the most self centered person I have ever met, was super helpful to my aunt, whose Muscular Dystrophy has gotten very bad. She’s walking only with a walker now and is rather deformed. He helped her get around, in and out of the car, and anything else she needed. And all without being asked! I was super impressed.

On Thursday we started our day with breakfast and then my mom and I ventured to the open Winn Dixie for last minute things, though most were for my sister who was en route but also very forgetful. We then began cobbling together our meal while we waited for my sister and her boyfriend and my husband and Isaac to arrive. They ran the Turkey Trot at home then immediately got in the car. Isaac, by the way, finished first in his age division for the 10k. He was also one of two people in said age division, but still. The second place kid finished 10 minutes later and was also two years older!

Anyway, they got in around 4:30 and we managed to get food on the table before 6! We aimed for 5-6 so, yay! You know how that is: you have a set time to eat but you KNOW it’s always just a wee bit later.


Here we all are right before eating. Not a bad pic, if I do say so myself!

My sister and Justin left the next morning early but the rest of us (minus my aunt) went to the beach, just for a quick walk. There’s something different about seeing the Atlantic versus the Gulf, which is what we are used to of course.


We had lunch then ventured to the mall later. I wanted to hit Lush and we mostly just wandered about. It was crowded but not packed. That night we went out for Mexican and it was a very nice time. We said goodbye to my aunt that night, knowing we’d leave the next morning. And that we did; around 10 AM so that our lunch stop could be in Melbourne to eat at El Chico, which we used to have here and was one of our pre-children haunts.

The drive was long and trafficky and took nearly 7.5 hours but thankfully we got home OK. My parents had gone to Sarasota and tried to drive home yesterday but ended up stopping into a hotel because traffic was so bad. I spent yesterday catching up and I am back to the office, full of holiday food and well-rested!

Since today is a freebie day, and even though I know we’ll have an Xmas themed day soon, I want to share one of my fave newer Christmas songs. Because it makes me happy.



4 thoughts on “MMMM + After Thanksgiving debriefing

  1. What a beautiful family portrait indeed. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. Thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for the new introduction to a new Christmas tune for me. It is beautiful thank you so much.

  2. Holiday traffic is the worse part of the holidays, isn’t it? We didn’t go anywhere this year, other than we did go to the mountains on Friday and the traffic was horrible. I could not believe how busy the Smoky’s were and the experience is sure to stay for me many years from now. Let’s just say, we won’t make the same mistake next year. We’ll remember to stay far from the mountains. lol

    Fabulous family picture. Glad all had fun around the table. I like the idea of being “snowed in” but I really wouldn’t want to be and I really don’t want it to be cold enough to produce the said snow. It’s pretty coming down and that’s good with me. Thanks for sharing this new-to-me Christmas song and for hitting the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a good week!

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