MMMM + Just not myself these days

You’ll have to excuse me but I just feel a little off-kilter. The boys were hot messes this morning, trying to one-up each other and fight as we got ready for school. I just cannot fathom why they are the absolute worst to their family members – the people they ought to be the nicest to. What is that; why do people always treat the ones they love the worst?

Heap onto my emotional distress the fact that our floors are about to be torn up then new tile will be laid. Which is all fine and dandy but a mess in the meantime. My week feels disjointed already.

I’m going to spare you all the other details of my life in upheaval so let’s move onto music.


Since it’s freebie week, I wanted to share a couple songs from a band I resisted for a while. Volbeat, a Danish “metal” band has a pretty cool sound but I didn’t care for their singer’s voice for the longest. However, this first song is so damn catchy, I had to give them another chance.

I didn’t play the regular video because it’s kind of a mess. So here are the lyrics.

This next one is a little bit harder but still damn catchy. I can’t help myself.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Just not myself these days

  1. Great songs!
    As for boys, I totally get it, they sure can push buttons without even trying. I don’t like to take both of mine anywhere together, it always ends with me yelling at them to just stop acknowledging the existence of the other.

  2. Aughhhhhhhh I was a single Mom and with four kids (2 & 2) we just kind of hung out together every chance we got! Anyway, I still understand where you’re comin from… Thanks for the introduction to your songs. They’re both new to me & yes, dam catchy. I’m liking the second one the best! THANKS FOR SHARIN’ & HAVE A ROCKIN’ WEEK!

  3. Growing up, I was so happy I was an only child and didn’t have brothers and sisters to fight with. And I only had one child so I was spared all that joy….I think. Anyway, I’ve loved Volbeat from the first minute I heard Still Counting. In a way, that song is still my favorite, but I like Black Rose, too!

  4. I know what you mean, family is meanest to its own. It doesn’t make a lick of sense, does it? One day, they’ll out grow this mess and instead of fighting with each other they’ll ban together to fight anyone who comes against the other. 😉 Keep your spirits soaring through mewsic and thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M gang!

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