Wednesday Hodgepodge – Post Halloween

1. What does/did Halloween look like at your house this year? Did you decorate? Pick pumpkins? Carve pumpkins? Expect trick or treaters? Wear a costume to a party or event? Make a costume? Feel glad you didn’t have to come up with a costume? Cook a Halloween themed treat? Eat all the leftover candy?

We didn’t even decorate! Because we’ve been busy trying to get the house ready to sell – and all my decor was in storage – we just didn’t do it. We did get a pumpkin and took pics at the patch but we forgot to carve it when my parents were here. My dad is the best at it!

We went to a local area where the houses go all out and they block off the streets; it was amazing! Normally our neighborhood doesn’t see many trick or treaters at all but when we got home, I was surprised to see SO MANY people! Maybe we are seeing a resurgence. Too bad we’re moving!

We had a medieval theme this year: two mages, a knight, a princess, and a dragon.

I’ll gain five pounds raiding the kids’ candy. 😉

2. What are you waiting for? Elaborate

Normality? I am waiting to not feel slightly off every day. I blame my foot issue, my crunchy neck that the chiro is fixing, my sinuses. I am waiting for a day when I am just… me.

3. Do you wish you were friendlier, braver, more creative, more athletic, or something else? Explain.

I wish I were more motivated to keep up with friends. I am very bad about it.

And maybe more motivated to work out.

4. When it comes time to paint are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you hire someone? What was the last paint job completed at your house? What room most needs painting now? How do you feel about wallpaper?

In the past, we painted a few rooms on our own but recently, we hired a professional company to paint our kitchen, bathrooms, and random other places. I couldn’t take on that much

I’m sorry but wallpaper is the worst. We had a lot in our house and we ourselves took it down. Just say no.

5. What is one specific thing you felt gratitude for in the month of October?

The ability to take a brief vacation; I was so grateful when I realized we had the ability to afford said trip. We drove four hours away to a magical theme park and forgot about our troubles, just for a little while.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

I cannot believe we are already in November! One of my first fleeting thoughts this morning was that I should probably gather some Xmas gifts starting… now.  I’m going to really need to get organized too because we have WAY too much to do to drop the ball now.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Post Halloween

  1. I am so with you on the wallpaper. When we built our house in the 70s we wallpapered almost every room and we have lived to regret it.

    Yes, the ability to get away and take even just a brief vacation is huge. Makes such a difference. I’m feeling gratitude for the same thing.

  2. I would so love to go to an area of the world that goes all out for Halloween as I love seeing decorations. No one really decorates in our area apart from a few pumpkins around the place, and we only had one trick or treater this year.

    I have to say that I do still love wallpaper as there are some really funky ones out there.

    Hope you have a really good week. 🙂

  3. I agree with you on wallpaper. I remember helping my parents remove it from their rental units, and it seemed unending sometimes. I find it’s fun to create with, makes a nice background. I’d rather paint or hang things on my walls. I saw a meme on facebook that it’s national eat all your kids candy while they are at school Day.

  4. I would love to be more creative, in my mind things turn out great but when I try those things don’t turn out that great, I have so so motivation to work out getting started is the hardest thing at times

  5. It’s no fun getting ready to move during the holidays. Been there done that. So happy you took a little time to get away in October. Enjoy your weekend.

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