MMMM + Crazy weekend trip recap

Man, you guys… I have been so out of the loop and it’s been nice! As mentioned before, Elliot and I had tickets to Styx on Thursday. I got a beer, he got a root beer, and we hung around before heading into the venue. Once in, we found our seats and he met up with his two friends. Yes, my son had more friends there than me. LOL. But we had a great time. We had ok seats but his buddy Lawson had better seats and I ended up standing in the front off to the side with Todd, his dad. Great show, great acoustics, and a really fun time. Sadly, my phone finally bricked. Sigh.

Friday morning, I woke up feeling AWFUL. It was half from drinking a few beers the night before and half that my on-going sinus issue finally reached a crest because things began to drain. Eww. Luckily, the really bad feeling passed and I was able to begin my day. I got the kids off to school, picked up an rx, then took Todd to the vet. Then, Ash and I went to Verizon so I could get a new phone, then we had lunch before getting the kids.

Soon after, we were on our way South to Legoland. The drive was ok until we hit traffic and while we were waiting at a particularly long light, Ash looked at his info from the hotel and found that we only had from 3-5 pm to check in! It was already 5:30 so we, well, panicked. I gave them a call and luckily, they do an all you can eat crab and shrimp dinner on Fridays so there was a woman at the desk. Crisis averted! The Capernaum Lakeside Lodge is a little bed and breakfast type place that has partnered with some kind of Christian Ministry. We ended up there because it’s only 9 miles from Legoland and Ash found a sick deal. Well, it was worth it! Nice 900 sq/ft suite, excellent beds, good breakfast, and a cool lake view. Only negative? Bugs! Swarming everywhere if you parked in the grass. But all in all, a good place for cheap.

The night we got there, we checked out our room then drove to the mall we’d passed on the way in. It wasn’t the worst mall; but it’s definitely a dying mall. The Eagle Ridge mall in Lake Wales was weird to say the least. They had a carousel in the food court, a now-closed restaurant that boasted both barbecue AND Italian (maybe why it closed??) and a piano bar and grill – where we ate – that could have really benefited from being on Bar Rescue. It was confused as to its decor and theming but in the end, it tasted good. The kids were being punks, Ash didn’t really want it, but after I melted down about all that, we had a good time. (Author’s note: still had an annoying sinus headache but it ended up going away the next day; change of location may have helped.)

After dinner we walked around and you could tell they had tried to revive the mall, adding a whole wing full of blow up bouncy things for kids. It also had a movie theater and a bowling alley with an actual arcade (not just redemption games) and little tavern. I have a slight obsession with dying malls so it was actually pretty cool. After dinner, everyone was exhausted so we went back to the hotel and let the kids watch tv for a bit. Ash and I got in bed at 10:30 – early for us – and I had one of the best nights of sleep in a looong time.

We got up the next morning and had the hotel’s breakfast by the lake, which was really nice, actually. The bugs were not out on their back patio so that’s good. After breakfast we got on our way to Legoland; great weather! It was breezy even if a little warm. We hit a couple rides then went into the water park. That was actually quite nice: not too crowded because it was early and a bit cool in said water so we got to do everything the boys wanted to and I got to sit in the sun. We finished the rest of the rides we wanted to do and got to do their special Halloween “Brick or Treat”, which was pretty neat and the kids got a lot of candy. The day was looong so we went back to the room to rest for a bit then went back out to Hurricane for dinner. This location had zero craft beer and I guess we’re just spoiled where we live. We have it pretty much everywhere you go.

Anyway, it was nice to go back to the hotel and relax after that; the next morning we had breakfast then drove home, pulling up just as our friend who watches Sunday football got there with pizza. Good timing, my friend! I did laundry and cleaned and reacclimated. We were gone for a mere 48 hours but it felt like much longer!


Alrighty, songs basically about modes of transportation.

I picked this Jason Aldean song because it might be my fave of his.

Whew ok, let’s switch gears.

and let’s change gears again!

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Crazy weekend trip recap

  1. Our mall is sadly dying, too. It’s still holding on, but they keep making sad changes to it, to get people to come. We used to have three fountains which they filled in and added a children’s play area over one. We have a few pop up stores in some of the empty store fronts right now. They’ve also added some kind of bungee thing and the last time I was there, they had added a kiddie train to go around the mall. We are a college town, too, most of the college kids travel south down the road to a better shopping place, or even farther down the road to the capital.

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