Random Tuesday – Halloweenie, muffins, Shield boys, and more!

Stacy Uncorked


  • I am really sad that I have yet to feel that Halloween spirit. I normally love Halloween but I just haven’t had time or energy. Lately, my health has just been slightly less than stellar and although nothing awful, I just sort of generally feel blah every day. Not mentally; not like when you go to the doctor and they ask if you’ve felt suicidal or have lost interest in doing things. Nothing like that. Just a “so busy I can’t bother with getting decorations up” kinda thing.
  • The boys’ school had “muffins for mom” this morning, which was nice. Not my usual breakfast fare but it was still a really nice thing for them to do.
  • It finally got cool! We had a quick rainstorm yesterday evening and now it is 62 and breezy. Thank GOD Fall has arrived.
  • Remember the days when Random Tuesday was all about the funny/cool stuff we found on the internet? Yeah, those days seem long gone, replaced by everything political. And it sucks. Though our host did a good scour job for that stuff today. Yay.
  • I will say, we’re watching last season’s South Park and the “member berries” are by far one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. They’re little grape-like things with faces and they convince people to be nostalgic by saying all the things they remember. They’re like, “Remember the 80s? Remember Star Wars? Oh, I member.” LOL Really, check it out.member-berries-sq__41362.1479844436.500.500
  • On wrestling, my Shield boys have reunited (and it feels so good). I missed the Shield years because I wasn’t watching then but I am well aware of their reign in the company. And now they are back and better than ever. And omg body armor. Sigh.
  • tumblr_oxy310mlMt1u5yx7xo1_540
  • I honestly think it’s just unfair to put three preposterously attractive men together in one stable. I mean, just pure meanness. 😉
  • Despite my sinus infection, I feel pretty darn decent today, which is weird. But maybe I am coming out of the funk and will be able to get on the ball. And wouldn’t that be nice?
  • on_the_ball_1

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