Random Tuesday – This, that, everything else, you know the drill

Stacy Uncorked


  • I wonder what it would be like to have children who didn’t make it their life’s goal to bother each other. My boys spend most of the morning both getting ready for school and trying to annoying one another to the point of fisticuffs. WHYYYYY??
  • It’s finally fall here, you guys. From here on out, we’ll probably get some weeks like this: 40s/50s in the am and then 60s/70s by afternoon. Best you can hope for in North Florida. It’s so nice though. I love this weather.
  • I’m about to get a new computer in my office and I am so pumped! Not happy about Windows 10 – it’s the suck – but I need something faster. Mine can barely handle multiple tasks and it’s basically been a Frankenstein machine for years now. I just never ask my computer dude for anything.
  • I think we’re going to the pumpkin patch today – yay! – and then eating pizza. Sounds like a nice evening BUT… can my kids behave? We shall see…
  • My parents come into town this weekend and we have a bunch of stuff on our plate: school fall festival, football games, neighborhood block party, and, if we have time, swimming at their hotel on Sunday. IF we have time. I love having stuff to do but at the same time, I sometimes get so overwhelmed.
  • I watched this hour long presentation online about real world parallels in the Lord of the Rings and wow, I was blown away. If you ever want to really think about what’s going on in our world – and has been going on – take some time to listen. Go into it neutrally; just try to learn something.
  • OK, new computer up and running; time to get some work done. Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – This, that, everything else, you know the drill

  1. I’m north of you near Atlanta, and that’s about the weather we’ve been having here. It’s supposed to get cold, and there’s actually been talk of snow, although that’s probably in the mountains. I love this weather, too.

  2. Our weather is not so nice, but then, Wyoming.
    Some of our weekends are so busy and then others have nothing going on. We almost never have a happy medium.

  3. South Louisiana and North Florida have about the same weather. It’s being in the swamps that does it.

    For some reason, kids think it is their job to do anything to bug each other and their parents. Hope they behave this weekend while the grands are in town.

  4. Fall is my favorite time of year – mostly because the weather is so perfect most days. If I lived in Florida, I’d want it to be fall year ’round. 😉

    New computer – yay! Windows 10, not so ‘yay’ (she said, as she’s on her computer with the dreaded Windows 10).

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